Why Do Dogs Like Their Butt Scratched?

why do dogs like their butt scratched

All dogs are unique, some love a good butt scratch, and some could take it or leave it. But I guarantee you, if your dog is in the loves it column, they will let you know! Dogs can be very cute and funny in how they let us know they want their butt scratching. But why do they love it so much?

As a whole, you will find most dogs love their butt scratched and this is simply because it hits the right spot for them. Veterinarians have said this is because the dog struggles to get to that spot themselves. Hence why they will reverse their bum in your direction when you are sitting down!

Why Does My Dog Like Their Butt Scratched?

There are two main reasons why dogs like their butt scratched. The first reason is they struggle to reach that part of their body or cannot at all. It is like us wanting someone to scratch our back because we cannot reach it either. The second reason, there is a lot of nerve endings in a dog there, which can mean they are enjoying it even more. Not all dogs will like this though.

why do dogs like their butt scratched

How Does Your Dog Tell You They Want Their Butt Scratched?

Most dogs are very upfront with letting us know they want their butt scratched. You can be sitting on the couch watching something and you will see them try and get your attention. Then suddenly turn around and back up their bum towards you. Then turn their head around to see you, with a cheesy grin on their face. Basically saying, common… You know what I want.

Dogs are the funniest and cutest animals we could ever ask for. Dogs just love butt scratches like they do with belly rubs. They love the attention and affection that comes from it.

So, They Cannot Scratch It Themselves?

Dogs are very clever; trust me they always find a way. There is a reason I always find piles of hair near the corner of my couch or bed all the time. They love rubbing their butt against it.

When It Becomes A Problem

You can give your dog all the butt scratches they want, just be mindful that there could be an underlying health issue going on instead. Some things to keep in mind are

  • Is there a bold spot appearing near their butt?
  • Is more hair falling out than usual?
  • Can you see any skin issues? Do they have a skin allergy, is their skin red/irritated?
  • Is there a bad smell coming from them?

Lastly, they may have fleas or mites. Fleas and mites love to gather around this area of the dog, so make sure you do a full inspection if you are worried. If you are unsure about how to check for fleas, please contact your local veterinarian as they will be able to help and give you the correct products to make sure they will not have fleas again. Please also note if you think your dog is having any of the above issues, you should also talk to your veterinarian about it.

Dogs Best Friend

Not All Dogs Like It

Simply, not all dogs like their butt scratched. You will get different responses from different dogs. If they are your own dog, you will soon see how they react when they have their butt scratched.

If it is a stranger’s dog or someone else’s dog, I would not recommend giving them butt scratches. As they might not like it and react because of it. They may not like it for many reasons. Some dogs might be very sensitive in that area as mentioned above and they do not like it. Other reasons could be, they are an older dog and do not like being touched there or they have arthritis and do not like being touched at all.

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