How to Brush Your Dogs Teeth the Right Way

How To Brush Your Dogs Teeth

Yes, your dog needs oral hygiene as well. Have you ever had tooth decay with all the excruciating pain? Then you know how brushing your teeth is pretty crucial. Your pet needs all your help to make them more comfortable.

Studies indicate that at the age of 3 years, most dogs develop periodontal diseases. What does this tell you? That it is better to start brushing their teeth early. This way you won’t lose your dog to cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver or kidney problems. Dog teeth cleaning can be quite delicate. You need to be artful to pull this off. This article examines all about your dog’s dental hygiene. Read on, to know more.

Which toothbrush should you use?

There is a dog toothbrush that is custom- made for your pet. Thus, you shouldn’t buy just any from the market. For starters, the brush should have utterly soft bristles. Dogs have sensitive gums that should be handled with care. The type of toothbrush you use depends on the size of your dog. Let’s delve into the prime brushes that suit their needs.

Small Dogs

You will find tons of brushes in the market. The top-notch quality toothbrush has bristles covering all the sides. This will give you the most versatile experience. You can be able to brush the lower and upper teeth at a go. The brush is also small enough to fit into their mouths. In addition to that, the bristles are soft enough for the dog.

You can also use the double-sided toothbrushes. They are super durable because you can switch both sides. Again, if your dog bites one side, the other will be functional. The highlight is that they are gentle to the gums.

Big Dogs

The ideal toothbrush for a big dog is the finger brush. You can buy them in bulk for convenience purposes. The finger brush is big enough to brush your pet’s teeth within a short time. In a nutshell, it covers a large area faster than the normal toothbrush.

Alternatively, you can utilize a chew toothbrush. If they love to chew a lot, the brush resembles a bone. They are also colorful to appeal to your dog. To get the most out of the brushes, ensure that they are moist.

Dog Toothbrush

What about the toothpaste?

You should use toothpaste that is designed specifically for dogs. Most dogs swallow the paste as your brush their teeth. Owing to that, the product should not have any chemicals in them. The most undesirable element is fluoride which is present in human toothpaste.

Swallowing it can be catastrophic to both human and dogs. Therefore, dog toothpaste is suitable for use. Also, don’t use salt and baking soda on dogs. They are neither friendly nor effective.

An excellent choice is one that contains herbal products. For instance, there is a toothpaste that has neem oil as one of the ingredients. It gets rid of all odors and maintains the teeth’s strength. Others have coconut oil, cinnamon, and mint. They are essential for giving the dog a pleasant and fresh breath. They keep the gums totally healthy as well.

Basically, the amount of toothpaste to use is a pea-sized quantity. Too much of it is not really necessary. Most dogs don’t like cleaning time they abhor it.

In fact, they will sulk and complain a lot. On that account, get the incredible flavors to lure them. There is toothpaste with a poultry flavor which can work at this point. Your pet will enjoy the brushing time and at the same time be bacteria-free.

How often should you brush your dog’s teeth?

Typically, you should brush them often. Dogs eat every time and this means that food particles get trapped regularly. The hustle of brushing their teeth can be tricky but with time they get accustomed to it. So, you can start in the morning which is the most vital time, to top it up, at night before everyone sleeps is mandatory for dog teeth cleaning.

This might sound simple but you need to train your dog. Otherwise, you will run around the house and your efforts will be futile. Quiet time is great when your pet is all composed and calm. He/she will not be jumpy as you try to open their mouth. Make it a routine so that they can anticipate brushing time.

If you have an adult dog, it would be prudent to visit a veterinary once a year. The expert will examine your dog’s oral health. This can ascertain if they have gum diseases, gingivitis or tartar.

It is a wise idea to have the teeth professionally brushed. If any problem is identified, then early treatment can be administered. Thus, mark your calendar to take your dog to a vet. Best practices for grooming your dog are a need to know, if you want them to live a long and happy life.

How often should you brush your dogs teeth

Tips on How to Brush Your Dogs Teeth

Cleaning your dog’s teeth can be such an uncertain task. I’m sure you are wondering what if he bites you. Don’t worry because the following hacks will give you a seamless time as you brush their teeth.

Start When They Are Young

This strategy will give you an easy time once the dog is all grown up. Introducing brushing at a young age is equally helpful. Their teeth will always be clean and healthy. Work with them as a puppy as they slowly graduate to adults. This way, you can maneuver cleaning their teeth with sheer simplicity.

Finding the perfect time to brush your dogs teeth is important. They must be calm and relaxed. It is the first thing the AKC mention on their site.

  1. Choose a calm time for teeth brushing. It should be you and the dog without a living room full of active children or other pets.

Read the original article – American Kennel Club

Use Special Toothbrushes

As aforementioned, dogs have their bespoke toothbrushes. Optimize them to clean their teeth effectively. Most importantly, get more than one toothbrush. In three to four months, you can dispose of the old one. Make it moist to ensure that the toothpaste does not fall off.

Utilize Dog Toothpaste

In essence, the toothpaste will keep off any decay or gum damages. These remarkable products are loaded with herbal nutrients. They are responsible for getting rid of bad breath and bacteria.

Allow Your Dog to Taste the Toothpaste

To determine whether your dog loves the toothpaste, place some in their mouth. You will definitely know if they agree to it or not. Some will hate the taste while others will swallow it instantly. If they don’t like it, try the poultry flavor. It tastes like chicken and most dogs adore chicken food.

Lift the Upper Lip Diligently

You have to be careful as you lift the upper lip. Ensure that your dog is in a steady position before you do this. Be careful not to harm the dog. You need to be as gentle as possible. This will make your pet relaxed and ready for the session.

Brush Gently

Show some kindness as your brush your buddy’s teeth. Don’t be rough because you will tick him off completely. How do you normally brush your teeth? I suppose with utmost tender and care. Then, you should transfer the same to your dog. It will be a quality bonding session like no other.

Tips for dog teeth cleaning

Clean All the Outside Surfaces

The odds are low that your dog will open their mouth wide open. If they can, then that’s a win-win situation. If they refuse to let you brush inside their teeth, focus on the exterior. This is where most germs and bacteria accumulate. Take time to get your pet a sparkles clean mouth.

Brush Canines and Upper Molars

These are crucial segments that the dog toothbrush should reach. Medically speaking, tartar usually builds up at the canines and molars. It is important to brush the areas. Your dog will not be exposed to life-threatening ailments. You can keep him for the better part of your life.

Chew Toys Can Be Beneficial

You can use chew toys in place of a basic toothbrush. The toy is usually coated with some toothpaste. As the dog chews, paste gets in unknowingly. You can use it as the last resort when brushing their teeth has become strenuous.

The toys have bristles that encourage cleaning. They are bone-shaped to attract the dog to chew it. The good thing is that they will chew on it tirelessly. In the end, their teeth will be dirt-free.

Dental Chew Toy

Appreciate Them After the Brushing Activity

Dogs love some beautiful rewards from time to time. You can appreciate them with a play or walk. You can also pet them which they value the most. This will show them after all, brushing teeth is not a punishment. They will look forward to another session due to the rewards. Training this way, your pet will be delighted, happy and will wag there tail.

The Bottom line

Ultimately, teeth cleaning is important to your pet. It will free them from tooth decay and terrible breath. You can brush their teeth at the comfort of your abode. You only need the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Then, you can set the mood right by getting a quiet room.

Being gentle is the key to brushing all the teeth. Plus, you have to reach all the corners if you can. Once you are done, you can thank the dog with an enjoyable activity.

Choose one that he likes the most. Making brushing an everyday task is vital. Don’t skip some days when you are tired. As you’ve seen it is not a daunting task at all. Hopefully, the tips will give you a great time as you clean your dog’s teeth. Keep them clean for better smiles.

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