How High Can Huskies Jump?

How High Can Huskies Jump?

There are over 4 breeds of Huskies, the Siberian Husky often being the most renowned. They are highly athletic and energetic dogs that thrive among people and other dogs also. This energy and athleticness is what makes huskies great escape artists, jumping, running, and digging is fun for them.

As a general rule, huskies can jump as high as 4.5 feet. This does not include anything that they can jump on beforehand, to give themselves extra leverage. Huskies are very smart and will try anything to escape, you should not leave anything near the fences for them to use as a jumping board. For this reason, it is recommended that you have a fence no smaller than 6 feet. 

Why Do Huskies Jump and How High Can Huskies Jump?

As Huskies are both intelligent and inquisitive, if left unattended then they may consider and even attempt escaping. It is in a Huskies’ nature to want to jump and you will most likely observe this during training and when they are puppies too. This behavior should not always be interpreted as rebellion or a plan to escape as they can just enjoy being energetic and fun.

As the owner of a husky, you will know that they have a playful energetic nature. There is no issue with embracing their tendency to jump during playtime. This will even reap health benefits for your pet too. However, it is vital that you keep in mind that if your garden or backyard is not equipped with the correct fencing then this could lead to your Husky’s great escape.

If your Husky is out playing in the garden or yard and there is no fencing, it is essential that they are linked to a long and stretchy lead, or they are supervised. This is despite their loyalty and even tendency to be well-behaved. Their hunger for adventure will get the better of them and lead them to try to abscond. This is nothing personal against their owner.

Natural Predatory Instinct

When considering what might motivate your Husky to jump, their natural predatory instinct should not be surpassed. Although Huskies can be excellent around other dogs and people. They can be known to try to chase cats and other livestock and generally be quite mischievous.

When playing, your Husky might catch sight of another animal within close proximity of another dog. This could be enough of a drive for them to want to make a move.

It is important to emphasize a Husky’s need for intensive and regular exercise. Not only should you keep them happy with fresh air but be sure to spend time with them and bond with them. If a Husky grows restless and does not receive the affection and attention that it requires, this will also lead them towards trying to jump the fence.

husky digging


How Can You Prevent a Husky From Jumping The Fence?

Have you ever wondered how high can huskies jump? Huskies can vary in height from 50-60 cm. Which means that when they do have an inclination to jump, propelled from their hind legs they can jump up to 4 feet. From jumping to digging, if in the mindset. Huskies will utilize various methods to try to escape.

Huskies can be known to get through small holes and breakthrough fences. Even launch themselves into electric fences if they have escaping on their mind. Not only can Huskies potentially ruin your garden with this behavior, but they can also really hurt and damage themselves as well.

If you are moving into a new property, leaving your Husky with a friend, or allowing your dog to have free reign in an enclosed area. Then it would definitely be wise to check out the area and have a look for anyways or means that they could escape.

Huskies and Digging

When it comes to digging, Huskies have a moderate tendency to be prone to digging holes. This behavior can be prompted by their large amount of energy and also a way to deal with excessive boredom. Especially if they are not left with any toys to play with. Based on their instincts, this could also be a means to try and forage for food or create a shelter if they are in cold areas.

Furthermore, during warm weather, Huskies may also try to dig into the ground. This can be to make somewhere that is cool and more comfortable to lie. The creativity and ingenuity of Huskies should not be underestimated. Huskies can be relentless when plotting their escape routes and even forcing their way through uncomfortable or tight spaces.

You can carry out this procedure by feeling the texture of the soil, particularly close to the fence. See if it is soft and crumbly: this will enable you to determine how easily your Husky will be able to escape by digging.

The firmer the soil and ground, the harder that your pet will be able to take this route. Moreover, if there are any crevices or gaps behind bushes then you should also check to see if your Husky will be able to make their way through.


How high can huskies jump?

What Are the Best Ways To Protect a Husky in Your Garden?

Large Fences

Building a fence in your garden is a prerequisite to providing a proper safety mechanism for your Husky. Due to their high intelligence, they will consider their options to embrace adventure and independence. When choosing the best fence for your garden wooden privacy fences are often your best choice as they are both strong and sturdy.

Considering that Huskies can jump up to four feet you will need to build a fence that reaches at least five to six feet. This is so you have full confidence that they won’t be able to escape. Chain link fences are the poorest choice as dogs are able to place their paws into the fence and then grip and prop themselves up.

Moreover, if you opt for a privacy fence then these can also contribute to blocking your Husky from seeing any other dogs. This can work for other animals or people that might be walking past. Which could be a source to beckon them to try to escape.

Simply fitting a fence might not be enough of a precaution due to how tenacious Huskies can be. Another good idea is to have your fence go at least two feet into the ground. This makes it less likely that your Husky will be able to dig underneath it. Having a firm soil over it will also reconfirm this safety.


Essentially, to make your fence almost entirely inaccessible for your Husky. There are numerous ways that you can also cover the base of your fence. By making a rockery of heavy and firm rocks that runs along the entirety of the fence. This will make the area fairly impenetrable for your dog so that they won’t even be able to reach the fence.

Chicken Wire

Are you thinking about other ways of how to keep your Husky from jumping the fence? Chicken wire can also be used in a range of ways to prevent this from happening. Cutting some pieces of chicken wire and inserting them a few inches down underneath the earth. This means that when your Husky starts digging, they will encounter this entangled material as a deterrent.

how to stop huskies digging under the fence

Every Husky is Different

Each Husky is unique but the qualities that are regularly recognized in them are the same. Which are their loyalty, free-spirited nature, and even their mental strength. Which unsurprisingly derives from their origins of growing and developing in the harsh conditions of Eastern Siberia.

Additionally, they also require a fair amount of exercise spanning from daily to weekly depending upon the needs of each Husky. In order for them to refrain from becoming too flighty and temperamental, regular exercise will prevent that type of behavior.

How High Can Huskies Jump

Huskies are a medium to large sized dogs that can take up a fair amount of space in your home. They are excellent companions that are great to go running with, exercise with, and keep you feeling upbeat and motivated. Similarly to all dogs, without the attention that they require they can become uneasy and a little disobedient.

If you have had your husky from when they are a puppy, then it is strongly advisable that you train them. This is so that down the line they are more compliant to instructions and living with them is a positive experience.

Due to their independent streak and desire to explore, Huskies can be prone to attempt to jump fences. We’re hoping that this article can address the reasons why your Husky might attempt this and also how to keep your Husky from jumping the fence.

Other Ways to Stop Your Husky From Jumping the Fence

The better you know your Husky, the easier it will be to determine ways that they might try to escape and jumping fences. Therefore you can set up your garden and living space to prevent this. Try to remember that Huskies were originally bred to pull sleds, it will be in their nature to be active and dynamic.

Positive and negative reinforcement is another way that you can try to deter your pet from either digging or climbing. If your Husky is regularly rewarded for behaving well whilst they are out playing. Then this reward will help train them towards acting in a less mischievous manner.

Lastly, if you still feel that you would like to take further precautions and make your garden jump-free friendly. Then focus on any holes that your Husky might be digging near the fences and insert rocks into those holes. This may lead them to become tired of this habit.

Canned air can also discourage them largely too. A large sound will be released upon them approaching the holes which they will be sensitive to.

Whatever the size or layout of your garden, taking all of these tips and hints into account to prevent your Husky from hurting themselves or jumping the fence to escape is definitely necessary. For further information on training your puppy or dog please visit our 5 basic training tips.

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