Do Poodles Have Webbed Feet?

Do Poodles Have Webbed Feet?

Poodles are the perfect pet for dog lovers who do not have much space in their residency to keep a large dog. They are fluffy and cute, and really fun to keep.

Do Poodles have webbed feet though? You will be happy to know, yes, they do. Poodles have a reputation for being really good swimmers. In fact, they were originally bred to be swimmer retrievers. With having webbed feet this is a massive bonus in their favor.

Why Do Poodles Have Webbed Feet Though?

The term Poodle, itself comes from the German word, Pudeln, which means to splash. It is quite evident from the name that poodles are amazing swimmers. They are quite literally named after a water-related term.

While making new breeds some features are put into perspective and made the object of the process. In this case, swimming was the perspective that was sought after.

The reason for making this breed of dog a swimmer is that people were looking for dogs that could be used to hunt ducks. Thus, the fact that poodles inherited webbed feet was quite convenient.

Even the tail of the dog is very small and furry, and it sticks out when the dog is underwater. This makes it easy for the owner to find the dog if they go too deep. This also helps to protect the dog in any dire situation.

A lot of dogs have feet webbing for survival use. Conveniently that the poodle has webbing that is more than what any other dog must-have. The webs are under the feet and, similar to ducks, they help the dog paddle in the water quickly. This helps them either to catch ducks or get away from any predators that might be lurking around and attempting to endanger the dog.

do poodles have webbed feet

Training to Swim

One important trait apart from the webbed feet, that poodles have, is their fur coat. This is one of their most important physical features. The poodle has a dense coat which makes it quite easy to swim with.

Especially the fact that it is a single layer, meaning it will protect the dog from any cold weather or the cold environment of the water. While at the same time it allows the dog to be a swift swimmer, whether it be underwater or on the surface.

The fur coat is also very soft and fluffy making the dog very fun to play with. Poodles are also very versatile in this case because of how sophisticated they look but also how they can easily succumb to their wilder tendencies very professionally.

Because of these reasons, it is widely assumed that all poodles are amazing swimmers, but this may not be the case. In some situations, if the poodle is not left out in the open or near water and this will make it difficult for the poodle to let their tendencies develop problems, if at all.

Different Areas of Living

If you live in a region that is dry and you do not have a pool in your home, it is very unlikely that the poodle will have enough practice to swim in natural conditions or swim at all.

Although, if you leave the dog near water the dog’s natural instincts might start to kick in and will result in the dog knowing how to swim. Proper expertise will only be achieved once the dog has had enough time in the water and enough practice. Please let us note, that your dog should never be around water by themselves if they do not know how to swim.

Dog parts have evolved in such a way that almost every part is of some use to the dog in natural situations.

The fur mixed with the webbed feet is a natural characteristic of the poodle that helps the dog to swim with expertise. Because of the webbed feet of the poodle, it becomes a lot easier to teach it to swim. They quickly grasp the concept of it because of their existing natural instincts that cause them to realize what is happening, quite instantly. When they have managed to understand it completely, it becomes simple for them to swim when they need to, or on command.

The Importance of Swimming

All of these features are quite necessary to keep the dog healthy and happy, without swimming in the dog’s regime. They will grow to be lethargic and lazy. They will start becoming fatigued ridden because of the lack of exercise in their routine.

Swimming keeps dogs active and young. The lack of any sort of physical activity will cause the dog to grow old much quicker, mentally, if not physically.

It will start to become used to lounging around all day and not moving at all or playing with its owner. This can negatively affect the dog’s mental state as well. Which will cause them to go into a pit of depression (yes, dogs can have depression as well). The more depressed the dog starts to get, the more it starts nearing death.

Dogs are very social animals and require human or same species’ interaction, it helps them survive. It may seem grim, but that is the effect of the lack of exercise

Do Poodles Have Webbed Feet?

Webbed vs Non-Webbed Feet

Dogs that have webbed feet tend to make excellent swimmers.  As compared to dogs that lack the webbed feet characteristic in their physical features.

But, apart from swimming, the dog-specific webbed feet are also helpful for land purposes. For example, the padding and slight scratchiness of the underside of the foot makes for retaining excellent friction between the dog and the ground. Dogs are very jumpy creatures that like to run around and make chaos. Calm and serene environments are not exactly a dog’s forte.

Thus, the webbed feet that help in increasing friction are an excellent addition to their body. If the dog needs to halt suddenly, its webbed feet will assist him in doing so. The webbed feet also have a thin layer of membrane on the surface that protects the feet from bacteria or any other form of infection that the dog’s feet might be prone to.

In general everyday life, webbed feet also provide the dog with stability.  Mainly because of the scratchy surface but also because of the membrane that is slightly sticky. It can prevent the dog from having a drastic accident where the dog gets severely hurt.

do poodles have webbed feet

Webbed Feet While Interacting With Humans

When talking about interaction with owners, webbed feet can sometimes play an essential role in increasing the love and affection between the dog and humans. Us humans prefer things that are soft and ‘squishy’ and nice to touch. The feel of webbed feet can quite easily be one of those things.

Imagine this, you go out to buy a dog and the dog put its foot on one of your palms. That is sometimes the make or break moment between a human and a dog. The webbed and slightly scratchy feet are very nice to feel on the back of your hand or the palm of your hand.

When a dog gets excited, it tends to jump on the owner, usually feet first. When the dog’s feet touch the surface of your skin, it creates some sort of warmth between the two. This can help release the happiness hormone inside the mind of the human. Which will, in turn, increase the love and care, you may already have, for your dog.

It will increase the sense of relationship with the animal that you brought into your home. You will start to appreciate its company a lot more, all because you prefer the way that the dog’s feet feel on your skin.

While being soft to the touch, the feet of a dog is also adorable to look at. With them being so small and different from what humans are used to. They can be pink or brown, but dog lovers love the feet of their precious dog either way.


Usually, the webbed feet of a dog is very well developed. They are able to sense any over sensitized area with quite an ease. This is essential for dogs, as they can feel pain or if their hurt, for example having an object stuck in their paw.

Dogs are amazing beings and have characteristics about them that are unique and much different from humans. We should learn more about them and learn to appreciate them by studying them. Especially if you happen to be a dog lover.

Knowing about the creature that you are living with is essential. This helps you unlock their full potential and completely understand what you are dealing with.

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