Do Huskies Shed? Is it really that bad?

do huskies shed?

People’s love for dogs is everlasting. In some instances, people would even prefer their dogs over their family members. Everyone that owns a dog takes care of their beloved pet like they take care of their child. It is not all fun and games though, as you are signing up for various responsibilities to offer the best environment for your dog.

Do Huskies Shed?

A lot of people ask do Huskies shed? One thing that is quite common and what most people wish did not exist was dogs shedding hair. If you are considering a Siberian Husky for your new friend, be very aware of the piles of hair that you will have to clean as they are very heavy shedders.

Hair is like a dog’s first line of defense from the different elements of nature. As the furry layer, keeps the temperature moderate and they break off giving space to new hair follicles.

This is called shedding which is a natural process that occurs in some dogs significantly more than others. If you are a Husky lover and do not know much about the breed. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Huskies are known for shedding a lot.

do huskies shed?

How and When Do Huskies Shed?

It depends on the weather and the different characteristics of your pet’s nature. Different types of hair coats, their lengths, and the degree of curls in their coats that make the majority of the difference. It is a burden that you will have to bear with because dogs shed in some weather more than the other.

Huskies are a very old breed and they shed a lot and it is a huge hassle cleaning up the mess. They get rid of their fur seasonally and even shed year-round. This natural process can be amplified with stress, a poor diet, and even dehydration.

Huskies have a double coat and due to the excessive amount of hair, they shed. They are counted in the top 10 list of dogs that shed the most. Their fur can be the source of your health problems although it is definitely not the main reason. This can be caused by inhaling the protein molecules found in their saliva, dander, and urine.

Every breed of dogs shed, even cats do. In fact everything that has hair will get rid of it from time to time. The quantity depends on various factors as one breed does not shed as much as the other.

The Commitment

Having a dog can be quite expensive. As you will have to cover all the costs that will be used in everyday life. For example toys, essential products, food, grooming, and the visits to a vet. Morning walks are great, we cannot say the same for the morning walks in the winter season. When your pet is sniffing every other trash can while you are shivering to death.

If you are looking forward to getting a pet Husky, be sure to make a list and add cleaning the hairy mess on top. As it’s definitely going to be a chore you will be performing intensely every once in a while. It can be a hassle, but you signed up for it.

husky shedding

The Huskies Coat

Huskies have a double coat, the top one which comprises of coarse hair for protection and an undercoat that keeps them warm and comfy. Their top layer won’t be very hard to clean as the amount is considerably less. It should be once every few days, requiring very little effort.

However, they shed their undercoat twice a year which will be a significantly large pile. Usually, Huskies shed their undercoat in spring and then for the next time in fall.

You will know that it is that time of the year when you will see large chunks of fur falling every time you lay your hand on them. You just need to keep brushing and it will be over before you even know it

Abnormal Amount of Shedding

Healthy shedding is natural and essential for your pet but visit your veterinarian if it is more than unusual. Your pet’s diet should be filled with nutrition because a poor diet can be harmful to your pet. Your Pet is sensitive to deficiencies caused due to the fact that they were not fed correctly.

Their continuous acts of scratching their body and changes in their health will be noticeable if you intend to keep an open eye. You must be wary of your surroundings because if your dog is allergic to some external factor you will have to get rid of it. Either that is the problem, or it can be their environment has changed. You need to keep a close eye on both.

do huskies shed

Grooming Your Husky

You cannot eliminate the natural process of shedding as it is important for a dog’s health. This is of course if it is not very excessive and more than usual. However, you can minimize the hairy mess, by brushing your pet every now and then. If need be, they may need to be groomed by a veterinarian. This should be discussed with them, if you think it is necessary.

You can even consult with them for the best type of brush or comb that would be suitable for your type of dog. Ask them about the particular ways you should carry out the process.

Many pet owners face health issues like asthma, hydatid, skin rashes, runny nose, congestion. With some even developing an allergy with dogs as a whole. If your pet is not vaccinated properly and you are not grooming and keeping them clean you will soon face itchy skin and red eyes.

It is easy to develop asthma if the individual’s immune system or respiratory tracts, in particular, are weak. Asthma takes time to be fully cured if it can be fully cured. All of this can come from a simple act of not cleaning the furry mess and not using a good vacuum to clean those cozy spots.

Hence why it is very important for you to care for your dog’s health. It will save you some money in the long run and will prolong the time you spend with your pet.

Dogs ask for a few things in return for their love, wait, no scratch that. You reward them in return for their unconditional love with treats and items that were specifically designed to cater to their needs.

Dogs love being taken care of and we love spoiling them with our love and efforts. As time passes you will build up that bond with your hairy friend. You will understand their preferences in food, toys, weather, and how they act and like to play.

do huskies shed


Can the Climate Affect Dog Shedding?

The fur for a dog is like a jacket for us that protects human beings from the harshness of the weather. It does the same for dogs. Their coat’s nature and type vary from one breed to another. Hence why you will notice them shedding less in winters as compared to what a mess it was in the summer.

They are getting rid of the undercoat as they get more exposed to the light and as the weather gets warm. The opposite will happen as the climate shifts and the temperature starts to decrease.

When the weather begins to warm up, your Siberian husky will start to shed— a lot. This process is a slow one, but more frequent brushing can speed it up and keep your dog’s fur from matting and tangling.

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Will Bathing Help?

Giving your Husky a shower or full-on bath is a necessity. It will clean fleas, bacteria buildup, and mud that he just brought into your house. Giving your dog a bath can be daunting if it is your first attempt. Know that as time passes and as you build up the bond, they will start to trust you. They will be gentle as long as you are gentle.

Please note that you should not bathe your dog all the time. You should be bathing your dog every 6-8 weeks. By bathing your dog all the time you will be removing the protective layer on your dogs coat. This will cause damage to the dogs coat and health.

If your Husky gets a bit dirty from your walk, what your best doing is wiping them down with a damp cloth and just remove the excess dirt. This will help with the dogs hygiene and their smell.

Brushing between baths also helps remove all the broken hair follicles. Which can make it easier for you to clean the mess as it is piled up into a single place. However, what you should never do is to shave your dog! Just because of the fear of their fur flying all over your house.

If it is due to a medical reason, then it is completely understandable. But please understand that shaving your pet will remove the protective layer that they use as a coat to protect themselves. This will cause stress and can be quite dangerous for them.

Final Note

Dogs are officially one of the cutest things on the planet. They possess all the traits that can make a person fall in love with them. Their distinguishing features among different breeds make them one of a kind. A kind that is adorable, loving, loyal, and your best friend indeed. Huskies do demand a bit of grooming, but their love and cuteness are just the cherry on top.

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