Do German Shepherds Shed?

German Shepherds Shedding?

There has been new research, time and time again that reinforces human’s love for dogs with every article that’s published. We see dogs as a part of our family and not as a pet. Some would prefer their dogs even over their family members and they would treat their dog like their own child.

Although being loving calls for responsibilities and to care for that entity. Dogs require a great deal of attention in various scenarios. Maybe it is a walk in the park, their hygiene or to manage the excessive amount of hair they shed

For a few breeds of dogs like German Shepherds, it can turn into a tiring addition to your list of chores. So the answer to, do German Shepherds shed is yes! Quite a bit in fact! Combating the shedding can be quite a problem for some owners. 

Do German Shepherds Shed?

Hair plays a very important role in a dog’s safety. Their sole purpose is to protect the skin from different elements of nature. This furry layer even keeps the temperature regulated and as human’s hair, they break off when they stop growing.

Shedding is simply a natural process that occurs in some dogs comparatively more than others because they have thick undercoats that act as insulation to keep your hairy friend both warm and cool.

More or less every breed sheds its coat which is influenced by coat characteristics including sunlight, temperature, health, allergies, nutrition, cleanliness, hormones, pregnancy and lactation.

There is different types of hair coats, their lengths and the degree of curls in dog coats make the majority of the difference. It is a burden that you will have to bear with because certain dogs shed in some weather more than others.

Do German Shepherds Shed?

One of the world’s most well-known dog breeds – German Shepherd can honestly be a bit of a hairy mess. They are called the German Shedder for a reason. They shed their coats seasonally and even shed year-round.

Stress, poor diet, and dehydration can significantly increase the shedding amount and you should consult a veterinarian. By German Shepherds having a double coat, this earns them a spot in the top 10 of dogs that shed the most. Apart from the continuous hassle of keeping your place clean, shedding is not that big of an issue.

Having Allergies? Does Your Dog Have One?

There’s a huge misconception that a dog’s fur is the only reason that causes people to suffer symptoms. The breathing problems are caused by inhaling tiny protein molecules that are found in their saliva, urine, and dander. An allergy test is not conclusive hence you can try spending time away from your pet to see if the symptoms still occur.

The truth is that every dog shed’s, however not every dog shed’s as much as a German Shepherd, it is something you will get used to. If shedding is a deal-breaker for you, you can opt for other breeds.

Shedding is not the worst part for a dog owner. Having a German Shepherd can be quite expensive. The intense grooming they ask for and the visits to a vet. Oh, and dog food? Yeah, it will make you think why is there so many types?!

Early morning walks are beneficial for you and your pet will love you for it and then you have morning walks in the winter when you would put on multiple layers just to go around the block.

Do German Shepherds Shed a lot?

How to Handle the Shedding?

Due to the shedding, you will have to use the vacuum around the house and trust me he does not like it. He apparently has the right to poop wherever he wants, and the middle of the cross path is usually a good option.

You’ll see his fur on the couch, in your car, your carpets, and your bed. And unless you groom him every few days you will have a good time cleaning up all those hair follicles.

It is not all bad because the love you receive will be unconditional and those renowned puppy eyes will reinforce their love for you.

Shedding is not that bad in itself. I will say the least it will get you out of bed and be sure to clean your place before an important individual comes to your home. It is a task you’re intentionally or unintentionally signing up for before getting a pet dog as your best friend.

According to the breed standard, the ideal GSD has a double coat of medium length with an outer coat that’s as dense as possible. That makes for a lot of fur! Not only do these dogs shed continuously, they also blow their coat (lose all their undercoat) twice a year, in the spring and fall. To help with shedding, brush your dog regularly. You’ll still have fur balls flying about, but just consider them a GSD-owner’s badge of honor.

Read the original article – American Kennel Club

When do German Shepherds Shed?

German Shepherds are a double-coated breed with a top and an undercoat. They shed every single day of the year. Although they shed their undercoat two times in a year which produces a tremendous amount of hair.

For the majority of the German Shepherds, this happens in the spring and for the second time in the fall when they would shed a pile of hair just about the size of the dog in a period of a week or so. Just know that when you notice large chunks of hair falling off of your German Shepherd it is their that time of the year.

German Shepherd


Top Shedding Breeds -

2St. Bernards
4German Shepherd
6Bernese Mountain Dog
8Chow Chow
10Siberian Husky

Check out the above table from showing the top 10 breeds that shed. German Shepherds are number four on that list, out of all breeds.

Shedding More Then They Should Be?

If your dog happens to be shedding hair significantly more than usual, you will have to pay your veterinarian a visit. A healthy nutrient diet is a must. A poor diet is disastrous for your German Shepherd and you need to be very careful in what you provide your hairy friend to eat as their skin is very sensitive to any deficiencies caused by lack of proper nutrition.

Be very cautious of any unusual activities that your pet performs. If they are scratching their body intensely then there’s a high chance that he is allergic to something which causes skin inflammation and unbearable itching.

It might be surprising to a lot of you, but dogs feel stress as well. Perhaps it’s a disease, fear of losing their owner or lack of attention. These factors add up and can be damaging to your dog’s health. The healthier your dog’s coat, the less you will have to worry about cleaning.

If you wish to completely eliminate the shedding process then that is not possible, however, you can limit or minimize the amount of hair that leaves your pet’s body. Talk to your veterinarian to recommend a specific method and type of comb that works best for your dog. Regularly use a soft brush and do not damage your dog’s coat while brushing and be very gentle.

Can This effect Humans too?

Hair shedding can be the cause of many health problems if overlooked. Generally, people can start getting sick after inhaling the dog’s fur or dander which can cause a runny nose, sneezing, and congestion.

Do German Shepherds Shed

Along with that, the person can start feeling itchy, burning eyes with redness, etc. People with weak respiratory systems can easily develop asthma and can turn into an allergy to dogs as a whole.

Dogs have a type of worm in its intestine called Echinococcus Granulosus which can travel up to their fur and then to a human being. These worms affect the internal organs of the human being, hence why it is very important to vaccinate your pet.

German Shepherds Are Unique

German Shepherds are not your average dog and they have their way of following things. There’s a reason they are considered “the Cadillac of dogs” as they are not for everyone.

A bored, ill-tempered, sickly or untrained German shepherd can become a nightmare for you and others. There are many factors that might make you reconsider your choice of a German Shepherd.

  • They are heavy shedders.
  • Their temperament and socialization.
  • Your bonding with them.
  • Training
  • They need a job.
  • Health problems

German Shepherds

Can Climate Affect Dog Shedding?

Dogs adapt as or when there is a shift in the weather. They change clothes if you may say. The fur of your pet thickens or palliates as the weather goes from cold to warm.

Sunshine really affects the type of coat your friend is going to wear and unless you keep your dog in a room that offers completely consistent light and temperature at all times, then he will shed and the fur will be everywhere. Brushing really minimizes this and helps stimulate blood circulation.

Whatever You Do, Do Not Shave Your German Shepherd!!

Unless it’s due to a medical reason, their fur acts as a guard and protects their skin. Shaving will just destroy the well being of your German shepherd which you definitely don’t want to go through. Bathing can help to manage the extra fur as it loosens and remove fur that’s ready to be shed. Between baths, brushing and combing will catch more fur.

Final Note

Dogs are one of the best things that have happened to mankind. They are lovable, kind, adorable, a loyal partner and your best friend forever. Managing and grooming them can be a hassle but it is definitely worth it. If shedding gets to a stage where it has got you worried, then you should always visit your local veterinarian, as there might be an underlying issue.

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