Do German Shepherds Have Webbed Feet?

Do German Shepherds Have Webbed Feet?

Apart from personality traits which we talk about below. German Shepherds also have physical characteristics to help them in their everyday duties of everyday life, even in emergencies. One of these traits happens to be webbed feet. A lot of people have been asking do German Shepherds have webbed feet? German Shepherds are one of the many breeds of dogs that have webbed feet.

Webbed feet are usually the result of evolution over time. Which have caused our dogs to sustainabilities that will help them in natural situations. Webbed feet are a feature in dogs that make them a good swimmer. It helps the dog to paddle, very similar to how a duck has webbed feet, that is how they paddle so well.

Dogs are excellent swimmers, if in practice, and trained the right way. Mind you, if the dog has not been around water it will take some time for the dog’s natural instincts to kick in. Even so, with time they will get used to the water.

Advantages of having webbed feet

Webbed feet are the product of a dog having a thin sheet of membrane between its toes. It connects the toes and provides a joint surface, sort of feeling to the feet, which is excellent for swimming purposes. The webbing makes the feet very stable because of the generally increased surface area.

It gives the dog a lot more sturdiness when it is trying to run and jump around. The scratchy surface, beneath the dog’s paw, is also amazing for maintaining a suitable amount of friction between the dog’s feet and the ground.

do german shepherds have webbed feet?

Apart from all of that, webbed feet can also be adorable to feel and look at. The smooth but scratchy surface of the dog’s feet can be quite endearing to almost all dog owners. They would greatly appreciate the feeling of the paw on the surface of their skin when the dog is playing around with them or jumping on top of them.

The padding over the webbing is also very advantageous for walking on rough terrain.


Swimming is quite necessary for a dog’s mental and physical well-being. When it comes to swimming it is a good form of exercise that dogs can do to stay healthy and get rid of their extra fat. It also assists the dog in staying agile and alert for any sort of physical activity. Routine swimming is one of the healthiest things you could train your dog for.

The agility aspect that dogs get from swimming is good for them if they are put into a dangerous situation. The dog will be able to help themselves escape swiftly. It will definitely help protect them and save their lives in the long term.

The healthy side is related to staying well, mentally as well. Dogs are naturally very quirky and love to keep moving around as often as they can. If they are not allowed to leave the house and exercise, over time the dog will get lethargic and obese. This will make it impossible for the dog to move around, let alone run here and there.

They will not be able to keep up with you. The dog’s life expectancy is already shorter than a human’s, as it is. The not moving around aspect will shorten it further.

Webbed feet give dogs a very helpful edge. It keeps them moving in the water and helps them with getting the proper training that dogs might need to stay happy, healthy, and alive.

do german shepherds have webbed feet?

Where To Practice Swimming?

What you can do to maintain the swimming culture with your dog, is take them out to the beach if you live in a coastal region. If they have not swum for a while, it will take them some time to get used to it. Once they do get into the practice of swimming routinely, the state of their health will most definitely start to improve.

If you do not live in a coastal region, try to find facilities that provide access to pools for dogs. There are places that do give these kinds of services. If you can afford it though, try to create a pool like situation for your dog to swim in.

Teaching your dog to swim

Although, according to nature, dogs should be able to swim with ease. The physical traits of the dog should help them swim. The webbing of the feet, the thin coat of the dog, the overall shape of its body. All of these facts indicate that the dogs are expert swimmers naturally. Regardless, if your dog has lived indoors all their life, this instinct will take some time to kick in.

When teaching your dog to swim, make sure to assist it every step of the way and make them feel comfortable. Do not force your dog into the water thinking that because they have webbed feet, they will be able to survive somehow. Every creature takes time and practice to have any sort of expertise in any skill. They will require your assistance from time to time.

German shepherds tend to have a short temperament. So you have to be patient with them if you want them to absorb everything you are trying to teach them. If need be just take it, one very small step at a time. You do not want to scare them off the water. If you do, they may never enter the water again.

german shepherd on beach


Webbed feet also allow your dog to adapt to living in regions that are wet and swampy, with much ease. If you live in a city where it rains very often and there are always puddles everywhere you turn. Your dog’s webbed feet will come in handy, because of the water-resistant surface and the rough terrain resistant scratchiness of the paws. They will thrive with simplicity.

If you live somewhere that is extremely hot, the dog’s resistant feet will protect themselves from overheating or getting hurt because of the hot surface of the concrete.

The dog’s webbed feet are one of the most massive improvements in any given dog breed. It has helped them to crossover into a completely different element, literally. Keep a close eye on your dog but let it explore and reach their full potential.

Personality Traits of a German Shepherds

German Shepherds are a breed that is medium to large-sized. They are quite popular in the police force, to search for drugs after being trained. They are a robust breed of a dog and they are great when it comes to surveillance purposes as well. Apart from that German Shepherds give off a vibe that tells the person not to provoke them or they will attack.

This sort of fear is excellent for people who want protection in situations where they have been in a traumatic situation and need some sort of protection to keep them safe and mentally stable in everyday life.

They come in relatively dark colors which adds to the factor of fear. Which some may see as negative but is a positive aspect of the German shepherd. Regardless of the seemingly dangerous face, German Shepherds are very kind and loyal to their owners and love them a lot. For these reasons, the German shepherd is one of the most popular breeds of dogs to exist around the world.

Also, if you ignore their faces, they can be one of the calmest and caring dogs in existence. Which makes them quite appropriate to keep as pets in your house. People love these dogs for that specific reason.

do german shepherds have webbed feet?

What Makes Them Great For Training

Apart from having massive intellect in comparison to other dog breeds. German Shepherds are one of the most agile and versatile breeds. They are easy to condition and train, as it is, but that combined with the physical abilities of the dog makes it quite suitable for the kind of work that requires a lot of training. For example, the police force, the army, detective facilities, all these places prefer German shepherd. This is because of their heightened sense of smell and sight, and their ability to act on command.

Because the dog is of a calm and collected nature, it is quite easy to get their excessive barking situation under control with a few days of teaching the dog.

German Shepherds are also very sociable creatures. They need attention and interaction from time to time from their owner, if not other friendly dogs. They like to play with their owners and jump around like any other dog. Especially if they are in a more civil situation rather than a police situation.

If treated right, German Shepherds can be one of the most loyal breeds of dogs. Do not hit them or smack them as this will cause mistrust and cause your dog to resent you instead of love you. If you want to reinforce good behavior, do it with a stern but kind demeanor if you do not want to lose the affection your dog has for you.


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