Do Dachshunds Have Webbed Feet?

Do Dachshunds Have Webbed Feet?

The dachshund is more commonly known as the wiener dog because of its sausage-like appearance. Do dachshunds have webbed feet though? Let us go in to further detail below. They do have a large face, but a very cylindrical body shape. Which is narrow in size and usually small.

Dachshunds can be kept as home dogs quite easily because of their small size. The dog is short-legged which sometimes gives them trouble with running around and jumping here and there. The fur of the dachshund ranges from short and wired to long and straight. Dachshunds can be really fluffy and fuzzy, or they can be very smooth and silky.

This specific dog’s temperament can vary to be honest. They can get very stubborn if they get stuck on something. At the same time though this dog is very loving the dachshund will stay loyal to you as long as you live and devote their life to you. The dog is also very smart and can learn tricks and such, in a very short period of time.

They are also a very sociable breed, and do enjoy being played with, either that being you or other dachshunds. We would say they can mingle with nearly every dog breed. They can be very adaptable and friendly, to the ones they get familiar with.

The dog can also be very agile and active if they needs to be. Although some see the shorter legs as a disadvantage, they are actually very convenient to have a dog like that around. As you do not require a lot of space for them. Also, the dog’s short legs are an example of features that assist in survival.

do dachshunds have webbed feet?

Do Dachshunds Have Webbed Feet?

There is also another facet in their physical trait that makes the Dachshund quite useful, that is their webbed feet. Some people don’t actually believe it but, it’s true, dachshunds do have webbed feet. This regardless of their smaller dimensions, dachshunds can make excellent swimmers because of their webbed feet and narrow body shape.

In fact, their smaller size is the best option for hiding from predators that reside underwater like crocodiles and such. The small body will help them hide while the webbed feet will help the dog swim out of danger.

Pros of Having Webbed Feet

Dogs develop webbed feet mostly through crossbreeding. Although, the attempt to breed dachshunds was basically with the perspective of badger hunting in mind. People were trying to crossbreed dogs into a breed that would be helpful in hunting and such.

Although when the dog was first seen with the webbed feet the advantages of this sort of breeding became two-tier. Apart from hunting for badgers, they are also meant to be able to dig holes because of the claw-ish nails that the dogs have.

Regardless, webbed feet are amazing for dogs, especially with it comes to swimming. Although the smaller size can come at a disadvantage with this, though. The dogs are fast swimmers at the feet of danger. Although in hunting or police force cases. They cannot be of much help, they are a tiny breed, that is not very good for using in professional cases.

They are aggressive and stubborn which does not amount well in cases like above. This is because of the requirement for obedience and a generally regulated temper. Which the dachshund does not exactly have under control.

do dachshunds have webbed feet?

Strengths Regarding Webbed Feet

Webbed feet, alone, are an amazing feature but mixed with the moderate strength of the dog. This breed is quite literally the perfect dog to have around your house. In a few days the dog will get familiar to the environment of your house and the people in it. After that it is all sunshine and rainbows with the dog playing with your kids and keeping guard of your house.

The webbed feet also create a sort of stability for your dog around the house. It prevents them from crashing into anything or anyone by accident. Your kids will enjoy the soft and scratch feel of the webbed feet. The dog will start to feel comfortable soon enough. They may be aggressive, but they are also very lovable when it comes to the people they has gotten used to.

Out of affection, the dog will rub its paws on your skin, and they will also lick your face to show love. The friction created by the webbed feet makes it quite appropriate for steeper terrains. The protection of the dog’s paw, the membrane will also protect them from any rough or rigid areas of the region that you reside in.

When It Comes To Swimming

Swimming gets its own category because of how important it is for a dog to swim on a regular basis. Swimming is the only form of exercise that some dogs get that invigorate their entire bodies, each part of the dog’s body is exercised.

Their legs are constantly moving, their abdomens are elevated, and their neck and head are stretched out. This type of exercise is what humans long for.

Without exercise, your dog can get quite lethargic which in turn affects the mental state of them. Dogs tend to be very active and social creatures that are happy almost all of the time, they are a joy to be around. Without exercise, dogs will start to gain too much weigh. Which will cause them to lie around more and, jumps around and play, a lot less.

If you want to avoid your dog spiraling and going into depression. The best thing you can do is have them exercise on a regular basis. As often as you can.

Please take the below reference into consideration though. You should always be on guard when taking your dog swimming.

“A huge hazard for dogs is when the dog becomes tired far out from shore in a waterway and can not make its way back,” says Friedman. “Dogs who love swimming become very highly aroused at the prospect of swimming, and can bite off more than they are able to chew in terms of physical ability.”


The best course of action? Never take your eyes off your dog when he’s in the water, even a pool, where your dog can fall or jump in and become stranded and unable to get out, Friedman says.

Read the original article – PetCentral.Chewy.Com

Where Can You Take Them Though?

If you live in coastal regions, try going to the beach often to expose your dog to natural water bodies. Now if you live in a relatively dry region, try building a swimming pool or paddle pool, depending on the space you have. If not, there are facilities available that help dogs to find places where they can swim in communion.

With exercise, your dog will find them much easier to be active and agile around its loved ones. They will be a lot more playful and livelier with you. Teaching them tricks and using those tricks for things like dog shows, will also become a lot easier if your furry companion is in shape. Our 5 basic training tips with help you with exercising and teaching your little one new tricks.

Dachshunds fetching stick

Swimming can also prepare your dog for situations like drowning or flooding. It might revitalize their survival instincts and polish them.

Dogs are amazing creatures that have so much potential to be one of the best companions any one person could ever have. With their happy go lucky nature and their loyalty, dogs truly are a man’s best friend.

With its useful physical traits to add to that, dogs have so much potential to be one of the most helpful companions. The webbed feet aspect alone is good for digging and pawing around in a situation where you need them to.

Train your dog and assist them in unlocking their abilities to the maximum extent. So they can be the best partner that you will ever need.

The Dachshunds Temperament 

If they are ever in the position of danger, they can easily find a space to hide in and protect itself from the predator. This type of dog can also get aggressive if the opportunity arises.

One disadvantage of the Dachshund can be their aggression. The dog breed is quite wild and can get worked up easily. They seem to have a big ego and do not like being looked down upon, metaphorically and literally. They prefer people and animals that they have gotten to know better. Technically speaking, the living things whose scent they have gotten used to.

One positive of this aggressive nature can be, that the hate for strangers comes with a huge advantage. They are perfect watchdogs, you can keep them outside of your house and they will ward off any unwanted company by being extremely loud.

If someone is trying to break into your house, they will bark really loudly and bring all the attention towards the person and hopefully, they will get them caught.

The perfect situation to keep these dogs in and utilize their full potential is in an apartment building. They will fit quite easily because of the small size and will also act as a safety precaution for you because of the “stranger danger” aspect.

Check out the below video showing what living with a Dachshund is like.

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