Do Chocolate Labs Shed?

Do Chocolate Labs Shed?

Whenever it is the molting season, one of the top trending questions on the internet is do chocolate labs shed? If you are a novice to the Labrador breed, you must let this sink in firmly in your mind: All labs do shed! It can be taxing sometimes, so you have to prepare for that, mentally. 

It is also the only way a dog gets rid of his dead hair. That shiny coat which you admire so much, won’t look the same if it wasn’t for shedding. Winter and summer molting is a phenomenon, crucial to the looks of your pretty little pup!

Chocolate labs undergo shedding, just like any other dog. When it is time, you will know it. The excess of dog hair which will dominate your house can be a little nauseating for some individuals.

However, there are ways to minimize that. But to do so, you need a basic knowledge of the factors which influence lab shedding.

This discussion serves to back you up in that regard. There is a lot of stuff related to shedding that you might be missing out on, and your dog won’t like that!

Do Chocolate Labs Shed?

How Often Do Chocolate Labs Shed?

The number of hairs shed by Labradors is pretty much the same, throughout the year. However, it becomes a little more evident in the periods during which seasons change.

Spring and autumn are the peak seasons of shedding, as the thin and thick coats need to be interchanged.

You might have to use your vacuum cleaner a lot more throughout these weeks. The excess of dog hair sprayed all over your belongings can be more annoying than you think.

So, folks, patience levels need to be raised during this period, which has been accurately dubbed as the shedding season! Three weeks is a minimum space of time occupied by the shedding season of chocolate labs!

A Special Double Coat

That fur coat which makes your Labrador pretty special is actually pretty special. In comparison to other breeds, the chocolate labs have a dense, neat coat. It is usually called the double coat.

This double coat has its advantages, which only your Labrador can experience. Swimming on icy water is not that easy, but your lab makes it seem like that, all thanks to that warm undercoat.

While it is a great blessing for your lab, the mess it creates in the shedding season has to be cleaned up by you. When even your vacuum cleaner can’t help you, a double coat sounds a pretty frustrating idea to humans!

Some Labs Shed More Than Others

Assigning the number of hairs that your Labrador is going to shed in the shedding season is simply impossible. Also, the intensity of shedding varies from one dog to another. However, there are always ways to set up comparisons, to evaluate the shedding levels in Labradors.

There isn’t much evidence to prove some of the facts, but they are results of observations. Observations were made on a fairly large sample. Yellow labs are thought to shed more hair than black and brown ones. It can just be an illusion though.

You see that yellow fur is going to be more easily visible as compared to other shades of hair. It is important to mention that no matter what the color or breed is, all labs shed, and you will have to find a managing practice anyways.

Do Chocolate Labradors Shed?

So spending too much time on this is not going to help your cause. Sometimes, the female Labradors show a much faster shedding process than male labs. This is attributed to the female heat cycle.

Also, the hot climates are generally known to speed up the shedding process. Lesser body hair is required by dogs living in such a climate, otherwise, the thermoregulatory process may lead to detrimental effects on the body.

Is Excessive Shedding a Health Issue?

Excessive Labrador shedding can be a potential health problem that we talk about below but what you have to take into consideration is that all breeds of labs shed all year round; so it is something you will have to live with.

In some weeks, it becomes a little more aggressive than the normal shedding. But if the rate of hair loss is too fast, even in the days of normalcy, then it is probably about time you and your chocolate lab paid a little visit to the vet!

Some well-known reasons for excessive hair loss are stress, hormonal imbalance, and allergies of various kinds. It will need a separate discussion, elaborating on these reasons individually.

Another common reason for excessive shedding is the dietary imbalance which your dog might be going through. They say that healthier the dog is inside, the more it will reflect on the outside!

Tweaking the diet can minimize the rate of hair fall. You will be amazed if you knew what a proper, nutritious food plan can do to your adorable little best friend!

Sometimes underlying endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism or congenital problems such as follicular dysplasia can cause excessive shedding. It is also possible your dog may have allergies, and this can cause skin and shedding problems.

If you think your dog may have a skin problem, talk to your veterinarian.

Original article can be read at – American Kennel Club

Grooming Tools For Managing Shedding

By grooming, we generally mean removing hair from a dog. Usually, dog owners don’t pay much attention to the grooming practice.

But when shedding season is on, there is no better alternative than grooming your chocolate lab. The results of grooming can be measured by the decreased number of dog hairs in your household items.

Grooming usually is thought to be a process where you remove hair using a bristle brush. But this is not what we are talking about here.

In shedding season, a much more serious effort is required to get rid of the mess. There are a couple of tools that you might use in this regard. These are known as the zoom groom and the Furminator.

chocolate Labrador

The Zoom Groom

You will be challenged hard to find a solution that works so well for removing the dead undercoat, as the zoom groom. Sit your lab on your lap or on a chair, then use the zoom groom firmly from head to tail and watch the magic unravel itself.

The mounds of hair that fall as a result are exactly that hair which could have created a massive mess in your house, had it not been for the zoom groom.

This magnificent tool works for all Labradors, so you can use it on your chocolate lab without worrying too much. I know it has a bit of a silly name, but the grooming tool really is a lifesaver.

The Furminator

This is another byproduct of the wondrous human creativity. This is more specific in its actions, as compared to the zoom groom. It may or may not suit your lab.

You will have to make this decision on your own, after checking the compatibility of the Furminator with the individual lab coat.

Furminator doesn’t aim at making your dog completely furless. What it does is that it removes all the hairs of undercoat which are dead and are no good to the dog, or you, for that matter.

Your Chocolate Labrador is going to thank you in his or her heart if you chose this method for shedding, rather than some of the crude methods available in the market already.

Do Chocolate Labs Shed?

Best Ways to Manage the Shedding

When it comes to managing the excessive amount of hair falling from your lab, there are two approaches which can be followed:

  • Removing dead hair from your pet so that the shedding isn’t as aggressive as it might be
  • Removing items from your household that can cause your dog to shed more then he needs too.

Usually, it is the combination of both practices which saves the day. We have already seen how you can manage the shedding via certain grooming techniques.

Now, let’s have a look at how you can get that hairy mess out of your home! Vacuum cleaners.  They are your best hope in this regard. Always use a vacuum cleaner after your dog has shed hair completely.

Is Shaving Your Chocolate Lab a Good Idea?

This is such a bad idea; we have to answer it using uppercase letters. NO, DO NOT SHAVE YOUR ADORABLE LITTLE CUTE PUP OR DOG. If shedding is so bothersome to you, perhaps you are better off without a Labrador after all.

That shiny, glossy coat is one of the most distinguishing features of a lab. And if you take that away, it will be cruel, to say the least. The only way you could relate to such a tragedy would be if someone shaved your head, simply because they didn’t like hair falling out of your head!

Conclusion – Do Chocolate Labradors Shed?

By now, you must have a pretty good idea about the shedding cycle of Labradors. We hope that you have successfully identified the reason for excessive shedding in your chocolate lab’s case.

But if you haven’t yet, it is nothing to worry about. Simply take your lab to the vet and let him or her take care of your dog. Professionals are always good at discovering the underlying cause.

Meanwhile, go back home and clean up all that mess your dog has created while you were reading this article!


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