Do Beagles Shed? If so, How much?

do beagles shed?

No matter how much you are in love with your dog, you definitely hate its shedding! After all, none of us would want our homes to become a hairy nightmare. So you probably want to know do Beagles shed? Well, every dog sheds!-Yes, even those with short hairs. Thus, every one of them requires proper grooming and maintenance in order to keep that shedding under control.

Beagles are just more than adorable! They are the ultimate family dog anyone could want.  They are handsome, gentle, intelligent and playful, and the best thing is that they are super easy to train.

In case you already have a beagle or are looking forward to getting one, this comprehensive guide will work magically for you. I promise!

While raising a dog in your home you will have several concerns, with shedding being one of them especially, those that like to keep their home to the highest standard.

So Do Beagles shed a lot? Yes, they can shed a fair bit! But, fortunately, it varies from season to season. Beagles are moderate shedders and by regular grooming sessions, you can certainly keep those dreadful hairs at bay.

Therefore, if you have a beagle already in your family or want one, this guide is a must-read!

Do Beagles Shed?

Beagles and Shedding

If you think you can escape the shedding because Beagles have short hair, then you are totally wrong because each and every dog undergoes shedding. And unfortunately, it can’t be prevented.

So just like every other “furry bundle of love”, Beagles also undergo shedding throughout the year. In fact, in certain seasons it may even become excessive.

But, the thing about dogs with a short coat such as Beagles is that shedding is relatively less noticeable as compared to other breeds. Plus, if you are willing to be responsible and groom your dog on a regular basis, the shedding will definitely not be your concern. Mark my words!

Do Beagles Shed?

History of Beagle Shedding

Initially, Beagles were bred for hunting and patrolling purposes in the English countryside. As a result, they spent most of there time outdoors. They adapted to the severe climatic condition in the region through an evolutionary adaption, forming a two-layer coat known as a double coat to resist changes in the environment.

The undercoat is a soft and quite dense layer, to provide Beagles with proper insulation during winters. On the other hand, the outer coat is a water-resistant layer made up of tightly packed hairs, protecting from external effects.

This evolutionary adaption is still apparent today in Beagles just like other breeds of dogs and has become an essential part of them functioning.

This adaption has improved the overall lifespan of Beagles effectively, thus shedding does have a significant purpose!

Why Do Beagles shed?

In order to completely understand the shedding in Beagles, it must be known that shedding is more or less a continuous cycle in which new hair replaces the old one. The old fur falls off the beagle and new fur takes its place.

However, this does not totally mean that new fur pushes out the old one. Each and every follicle on a dog’s coat has its own life cycle.

So does the cycle ever stop? No! It doesn’t, the shedding begins the day the beagle is born and continues throughout its entire life. So preventing the shedding processes is not possible!

The Beagles coat enables them to effectively protect from external factors such as rain and heat. Along with that, shedding eliminates unhealthy, dead and dreadful hairs from the body of your beagle giving it a shiny and lustrous coat that reflects its overall well being.

Beagle in field

Growth Stages and Shedding Seasons

Following are the different stages in the shedding cycle of a beagle:

Anagen Phase — new hair growth.

Catagen Phase — after reaching the required length, the hair stops growing

Telogen Phase — hair is in the resting phase and is neither growing nor shedding.

Exogen Phase — hair falls out and shedding happens

Growth and shedding is a continuous cycle and there isn’t any particular starting point to it. At certain times the phases may speed up or slow down depending on health and lifestyle factors. Plus, the shedding varies from a particular breed to breed.

When do Beagles shed?

The exposure to light and the surrounding climate are two of the main factors affecting the shedding season of the Beagle.

When there is limited daylight and temperature drops significantly, the beagle adapts by creating a thick fur of a coat. Meanwhile, as the weather improves, the body starts shedding to prepare for the upcoming season.

However, at times with an indoor dog, artificial light, and controlled temperatures greatly confuse the coat, disturbing the shedding cycle.

Although Beagles shed throughout the year, they shed quite often during springtime, particularly because dogs need to prepare for a thicker coat for winter so they can maintain their temperature. They do that naturally as Mother Nature prepares them for the upcoming season.

Do Beagles Shed?

Abnormal Shedding

As mentioned earlier as well, shedding is completely natural and nothing to be concerned about. However, if you witness that your Beagle is shedding excessively and on the not-so-right time, you may want to visit a veterinarian. Because, better safe than sorry!

There might be a range of reasons for the excessive shedding including infections, pregnancy, kidney and thyroid diseases, issues with the immune system or reaction to certain medications or food.

Yet in most cases, the reason for excessive shedding is due to nutritional deficiency.

Lack of essential fatty acids in the diet of your Beagle may affect the health of its coat. If your vet agrees, you may improvise the diet of your Beagle, by adding essential nutrients. For instance, supplements of Fish Oil containing Omega-3 works wonders to reduce shedding.

There is a rare condition known as “Acanthosis Nigricans” that may make your Beagle shed extensively. Although it’s very rare, it may occur due to hormonal imbalances and hypo sensitivities. If your vet suspects this condition after appropriate examination, steroid shots or Vitamin E supplements could be effective.

Dermatomyositis is another rare condition that may alter the coat. It is caused due to negative reactions to Ultra-Violet rays and along with the coat; it also damages the dog’s skin. If diagnosed, proper treatment must be followed.

beagles shedding


How to Deal With Shedding Effectively?

Does your Beagle shed a lot? Well, none of us can actually prevent them completely. But taking necessary measures would surely reduce them drastically.


The ultimate best way to control shedding is to brush your dog on a regular basis! We know how much time consuming it is, but trust me, brushing your beagle with appropriate grooming tools will certainly keep it under control.

Initially, you might be surprised to witness hairs in a large amount. However, no need to worry as it is perfectly normal. You may use a medium bristle brush or a hound glove to effectively eliminate those dead hairs.

Gentle brushing is quite calming and soothing for dogs and your Beagle will definitely love it! 🙂

The Beagle has a smooth, dense double coat that gets heavier in the winter, so spring is shedding season. Beagles also shed moderately year-round. Weekly brushing with a medium-bristle brush, a rubber grooming mitt or tool, or a hound glove will remove the loose hair, and promotes new hair growth as well.

Read the original article – American Kennel Club

Nutritious Diet

Your Beagle rightly deserves to be well-fed. Choosing a diet filled with essential nutrients such as Omega-3 would work phenomenally to reduce shedding. Insufficient diet is a primary reason in the majority of cases.

Hence choosing a quality and reputable brand of dog food for your beloved Beagle would ensure its coat being shiny and lustrous. If your beagle is malnourished, he will have weaker and more brittle hair that is prone to fall out more.

In addition to fulfilling dietary requirements, regular physical activity and

Do Beagles Shed?

proper Hydration is also very important to ensure that your Beagles coat always shines bright!

Controlling Shedding Around the House

Indeed nothing can be as frustrating as finding dogs hair making a mess around your home. A simple way to eliminate unwanted Beagle hair around your house is to regularly use a vacuum specifically designed for pet hair.

These vacuums are super effective in eliminating dreaded hairs from every corner of the house. And trust me; nothing is more pleasing than a clean house!

If your Beagle sheds a lot, you may even use replaceable couch covers, to maintain that crystal clean look. Along with vacuums, you may also use a Lint roller to get rid of those unwanted hairs from your furniture and clothing.


Although, Beagles are ideal family dogs, they do require regular grooming sessions. After all, your beloved dog rightly deserves to be pampered!

Fortunately, they are moderate shedders, and by adapting slight measures, you can easily keep it manageable.

Initially, it might seem like too much. However, with time it may turn into a practice, and trust me these grooming sessions will surely turn into the perfect bonding time between you and your Beagle!.

The best part is that regular grooming wouldn’t just prevent your house from turning into a hairy nightmare but would also reflect the overall good health of your dog.

And no matter how hard it gets, those kisses and licks are worth it all!

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