Can French Bulldogs Fly?

Can French Bulldogs Fly?

French bulldogs are generally more active and troubling than some dogs. They are smaller in size and get lost very easily, especially in places that have nooks and crannies. But, sometimes, there are some vacations that you simply cannot go on without your dog. Which does lead you to wonder can French bulldogs fly?

There have been many situations in which the life of the dog has been jeopardized up in the air. This is usually because it was kept in a location where the environment was not quite suitable for him.

People who have experienced such situations have been very apparent that the reason was in large to the dog causing a ruckus for the people on the flight. Which in turn forced them to keep their dog in the storage areas.

Can French Bulldogs Fly Though?

To put it nicely, it is not the best option to fly your dog on planes. If you are overtly attached and need them there, there are a few ways that you can make it possible to take your dog with you.

Making it a comfortable trip at the same time is always important. Your dog’s safety is your number one priority. Do your research and prepare beforehand to avoid any further complications.

You should always be making sure your dog does not become a headache for you and others around you. This can cause your passengers trouble and yourselves. 

Now, French bulldogs are of the brachycephalic breed. These dogs are commonly known as flat-faced or shortened heads and they come with issues of their own. This will be mainly breathing problems and keeping them at a height that is not suitable. Which can be quite disconcerting for the tiny creatures.

This breed also has the issue of weight, if you do not regularly exercise your dog and they grow obese. They can get extremely difficult for you if you want to fly with them. Obesity in these dogs can lead to respiratory and heart problems, along with things like joint issues.

can french bulldogs fly

Airlines That Accept French Bulldogs

Before you plan out your entire vacations with your dog alongside you every step of the way, check your airline. A lot of the times the airline of your choice will not even allow animals inside the plane.

This precaution has been taken for the sake of the safety of your dog. This is because of the multiple tragedies that have taken place inside a plane at the expense of someones dog. Before buying the ticket call and check that the airline has no issues with your plan.

Be sure to mention explicitly that you want to travel with your dog in the cabin and not a storage unit. Most airlines also charge a certain fee for the dog’s presence which can be about 100 to 200 US Dollars. The mention of the cabin will make it so that the people in charge will most likely secure a seat for your precious dog nearby.

There are also airlines that accept dogs in the cargo area of the plane. Which although can be slightly risky, is better than your dog just being in some insecure area with poor ventilation and maximum toxin intake. Which can be the case on some parts of the plane where the dog may be kept.

French Bulldogs Must fly in the Cabin!

For French Bulldogs though, they can only fly in the cabin! No airlines will allow French Bulldogs in the cargo area below because they are a brachycephalic breed, this will go for all brachycephalic breed dogs.

Brachycephalic literally means “short-headed,” explains the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. This term refers to dogs and dog breeds with shortened snouts. Popular brachycephalic breeds include English and French bulldogs, bull mastiffs, Boston terriers, boxers, pugs, shih tzus, Lhasa apsos and Pekingese, among others.

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Personally, the only way I would fly with my dog is in the cabin. So they are there next to me and I can keep a close eye on them. Planning ahead is a good idea, if your dog likes to bark a lot, try and train them not to bark as much. This will make the flight a lot easier and stress-free for you and your passengers.

can french bulldogs fly

Health Checks

There are a few things you should know about your bulldog’s health before you take it on a plane. First, the bulldog’s age should be no younger than 8 to 10 weeks at the minimum. An active and younger dog will be better suited for flights and plane rides rather than an older, much weaker dog. Although too young can also raise concern because of the fragility of the dog.

The dog should also be trained and healthy enough to be able to survive easily during the duration of your flight. An unhealthy dog will get stressed out and eventually will start to get restless. Which can cause unnecessary commotion in the plane, which no one wants.

There is also a legal certification that the airline requires the owner to sign. This is to ensure that the dog is strong enough and in the appropriate shape that is suitable for the airplane.

This comes in the category of specifications that need to be taken care of before you buy tickets. To make sure that the airline you choose takes care of all the documentation and paperwork. Which allows your dog on the plane only after all the safety measures are taken care of.

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Appropriate Cage

The crate or cage that you purchase has to comply with the appropriate regulations of the airline you pick or the country you live in. Although it is a generalized set of instructions, you still need to go through them to make sure your crate is perfectly capable of keeping your dog safe.

One condition that the cage needs to fit is, that it is tall enough that your dog can stand tall in it with ease. If not, it will become a disturbing circumstance for your dog to be in.

The crate should also be long and broad enough so that your dog can move around and stretch. While not getting stiff and exhausted in a short amount of time. Another important aspect to give thought to whilst buying a crate is the ventilation. You need to get a crate with enough air passage to let your dog breathe comfortably.

Your crate should also be able to hold a water container for your precious pup if it needs it. However, food is not much of a deal for a French bulldog. They can survive without food on a domestic flight. If in doubt, always opt for a bigger crate rather than smaller, just to be sure.

french bulldog carrier

Feeding Before Flight

Feeding a bulldog before a flight is highly prohibited by multiple dog-oriented sites. This is a rule that needs to be followed religiously because in the case of dog choking or vomiting. It is highly unlikely that the attendants will find out and it could risk the life of your dog.

You should not give food about 12 hours before the flight and keep an eye on them to make sure it does not eat anything.

You can feed the dog once you get off the flight. In a comfortable situation where the dog can eat and excrete easily without any actual hassle. Another precaution that you can take is keeping a cold ice water bottle inside the crate for your dog.

This will help your dog take in small amounts of water at a time and inhibits any chance of choking on the water. The best thing you can do in cases where you are not entirely sure. Is to communicate with the airlines and ask them what drinking situation would be best during the flight

Personal Belongings

If you are traveling with your dog for the first time, take some sort of object to provide your dog with the maximum comfort. Which in turn, will give your dog the least discomfort throughout the flight.

It will keep your dog occupied and distracted from the flying characteristic of the flight. It can help avoid any panicking that dogs may be prone to. Along with helping your dog to not focus on the source causing the panic. A happy dog ultimately means a happy flight for you and your loved ones.

Another way you can provide your dog with a sense of familiarity is by wrapping some article of clothing that you have used and smells like you, around a soft object.

You can also leave it inside your dog’s crate, so they have some sense of familiarity.  The dog’s heightened sense of smell will take in the intimate facet of the object. This will make your dog feel like they are in a safe space.

Be sure to not wrap the cloth around something heavy or something hard. It should be soft but sturdy and not hurt your dog. This is because they are already confined in a crate and if there is turbulence, you do not want anything to harm them.

french bulldog blanket

Locating an Emergency Facility

In the case of any emergency regarding your dog, you should you keep the number of all available veterinarian on speed dial. We say this because of any mishaps that may happen on your flight. If you find that you may not be able to help the dog on your own. You should consult a veterinarian beforehand about anything that could possibly go wrong.

A precaution that you must take in any given case is having appropriate and ample information about the animal clinics in the region that you are visiting.

If your dog has an emergency condition while in an alien location, it can take quite some time to attain knowledge of a reliable clinic that will take good care of your loved one. You should have sufficient information on your whereabouts to keep your dog safe.

Other medical data on your dog must be kept handy with you. In case required you can pull it out and the veterinarian can have your dog’s medical history. Which in turn, will be able to treat your dog better.

What You Should Do Before Leaving

The two most important things you should do before planning a flight with your dog is to speak to your vet about your plans. They will recommend what is best for your dog. The second thing is contacting the airline to make sure you have done everything you can possibly do to make the trip as easy as possible for your dog.

Please read Darcy’s story, she is a bulldog that was flying with her owner to their vacation home for the summer. The owner notices she was in distress and the two flight attendants jumped into action to save the little bulldog of 3 years old. The owner thinks without their quick thinking, the worse could have happened. This is a good article for you to read, as it is a real-life situation.

Please see the below videos showing people that have taken their dogs on a plain. They have described their journey and experiences. They are good examples of what to do.

All in all, have an excellent trip with your dog and do it safely to enjoy yourself to the fullest without worrying. Please just make sure you do everything that the airline request. If you feel your dog is not up to flying, then you should definitely not be flying with them.

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