Can Dogs Play With Cat Toys?

Can Dogs Play With Cat Toys?

If you are an animal lover, you might likely own multiple domestic species of pets, including cats and dogs. Now, it has been a long-term rumor that cats and dogs cannot live together. You may wonder can dogs play with cat toys as well?

This has been proven wrong in multiple cases where people have kept both, a cat and a dog in the same location or the same premises. If correctly trained, they can both live together in perfect harmony. Where they share the space without being a danger to each other’s lives.

Can dogs play with cat toys though? This is something we go further into detail below. Pets are a joy to keep around and bring happiness to your household and the people in it.

Can Dogs Play with Cat Toys?

However, good toys with good quality can be quite expensive for some. Buying toys for both your cat and your dog can be straining on your wallet.

What you can do is buy toys that are compatible with both your cat and your dog and to answer your question yes. Some toys are conventionally for your cats that your dog can also play with.

These kinds of toys are usually made of sturdy material and are of a bouncy and flexible nature. Toys like these can be greatly helpful for people who have dogs and cats.

There are many toys on the market right now that will help exercise your dogs’ body and mind and will also pertain to your cat’s whimsical needs. Cats usually prefer toys that they can move around easily but will also keep them entertained at the same time.

Dogs prefer toys that can move around at greater speeds and things that will require them to run from here to there. The instinct of a dog is usually to always stay active and for this reason. Dogs can be quite jumpy with their owners. Some like this trait, some do not.

Is it Cats or Dogs for You?

To stay active both cats and dogs need to play or walk, cats can easily get fat. People do not usually think of getting them to exercise because of their swift metabolism.

Dogs, on the other hand, are active creatures that like to play around and run a lot of the time. They find joy and comfort in spending time with their owner and it makes them feel special and homely.

Dogs are one of the best pets to keep around if you are trying to stay active and agile. If you are growing old, dogs will keep you alive at heart.

can dogs play with cat toys

That said, there are a few people who do not necessarily like to run around in the mud with their pets, getting the muddy ground all over them. These people need an alternative toy. Toys for pets can be very helpful for those who want to interact with their pets but are uncomfortable with getting down and dirty.

People who tend to be busy also do not have as much interaction with their pets. This can cause their pets to start to get lonely. Which in turn can result in depression in dogs because of their dire need for affection.

Natural Ingredients

Going for toys with natural ingredients in them is quite effective even if dogs want to play with them. Things made out of fur or cloth, in essence. There are mostly no issues with felted wool balls or knitted wool mice.

There are a lot of other naturally made objects of entertainment that will keep your cat and dog occupied. They will also avoid any sort of destruction or mishap that the dog might do out of excitement.

People also tend to buy rabbit fur objects. The thing about rabbit fur is that dogs are very attracted to rabbits in general. Buying toys with rabbit fur is an immediate dog magnet because of the general smell and touch of the toy.

It gets the dog very excited. Dogs can adore any rabbit fur toys and your cat can also enjoy them.

This makes the rabbit fur sort of ideal, but it is slightly expensive. In fact, any of the toys made out of natural materials are generally expensive. People are usually not willing to spend a lot of money on objects that their dog and cat will use to rough around with.

cats and dogs

Battery Operated

Whilst some toys are versatile and can be used by both your cat and your dog. There are also some toys that your cat can enjoy but your dog should stay away from. We should remember that cats are a lot gentler with chew toys and moving toys. Unlike dogs, who act like the toy is something that needs to be roughhoused with.

Cats treat any object that they think belongs to them with a lot more care than dogs. With cats, you will usually get your money’s worth if you spent a little extra on their toy.

Buying battery-operated, mobile toys for your cat is always a good thing because it can easily distract your cat and allow you to work easily.

It will keep your cat busy and active for hours on end. What you can do to keep your dog in check, and make sure that they do not destroy the toy is to train him with negative connotations. This is so that whenever you tell him to not do something, they listen.

Especially with things like these toys that can easily be broken and can ultimately be hazardous because of its electric features in general. Not to mention the battery acid from the batteries. If you cannot trust your dog to stay away from certain cat toys like these, you are best not bringing them into the house at all.

Cat Only Toy

Cat Only Toy

Catnip Toys

Catnip is an edible material used to calm down your cat and help relieve any stress that the cat might be having. It is quite useful to help when your cat is feeling anxious about something like going to the pet doctor.

It can also be used by dogs and such, but the one thing that is dangerous for the dogs regarding catnip is, in excess, the catnip can be quite harmful to their health.

Catnip is technically an herbal remedy for your pets but exposing your dog to too much of it can cause extra consumption which is not good.

This usually happens with catnip toys. Dogs tend to eat anything that is small enough to fit in their mouth or soft enough that it will not hurt them, and they will try to eat it.

Giving your dog a catnip toy will result in the dog inevitably trying to take it into its mouth and hence. Resulting in your dog taking in way too much catnip without actually having any knowledge of it.

An alternative to catnip toys is anise products, which work the same way as catnip for cats but a lot more compatible with the dog’s natural abilities.

cats and dogs

Chew Toys

Chew toys, in general, can be used for both cats and dogs. This kind of toy is the safest bet when it comes to buying toys that are suitable for both your cat and your dog.

When it comes to these types of toys for pets, they are usually a lot more resistant to biting and roughhousing than any other type of toy on the market.

You do not have to spend too much money on a toy like this. It is very easily entertaining for both the cat and the dog because of its bright colors and vivid appearance.

Cats can use chew toys to play around and roam with it, move it back and forth, and more things like that.

While the dog can use chew toys to put in their mouth and act very wildly with it. It makes the dog quite happy to be able to take any aggression out on the toy and has fun doing it.

People love dog toys because whilst keeping your cat busy, it can also keep your dog busy at their own time. Chew toys are a universal toy that can be used by all which is also the reason for their popularity.

cat and dog toys


To be honest, not all toys that are used for cats can also be used for dogs, there are some exceptions which I have mentioned. In all honesty, though, buying separate toys for your cat and your dog is the simplest and smartest option.

Cats and dogs are very different species with quite distinct natural abilities and instincts. Cats tend to be a lot calmer and lazier than dogs. Dogs are a lot more active and hence the entertainment for either type of pet varies extensively.

You simply cannot put both of them in the same box expecting them to comply with ease. Even with training your dog and cat to get along.

I would suggest making a one-time investment for both your cat and your dog. Buy two different toys for both, if you are having too much trouble.

Cats generally do not like to share their belongings with anyone. Forcing them to do so can easily result in violence between the cat and whosoever tries to take their toy.

You cannot have your cat and dog being hostile towards each other while living in the same house. In the end, it will be a hassle for you. Where the worst-case scenario will be you being forced to part with one of your beloved pets.

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