Can Dogs Eat Mayo?

can dogs eat mayonnaise?

All dog owners know the feeling when there making something to eat and they have their dog next to them waiting for something to drop. However, a lot of “human food” can be dangerous for dogs, some of it can be deadly to them. So knowing the correct human food dogs can have is vital.

Can Dogs Eat Mayo?

In this article we will be talking about can dogs eat mayo? Simply put yes, they can, but it is not wise to add it to your dog’s diet. Mayonnaise is by no means the healthiest type of food to feed your dog, but as we have mentioned it’s not toxic to them. Please read below for full details.

Why is Mayo unhealthy for dogs? 

As mentioned above mayo is not toxic to dogs. So if they manage to get a quick lick or eat some of it, they will not experience any serious side effects. As long as the mayo was not “lite” or any other version like that, more on that below.

Feeding your dog mayo can lead to them gaining excess weight, making them overweight. Which in turn will cause your dog health problems in the long run. Some of the health problems from giving your dog mayo on a regular basis can be diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis, liver disease and hypertriglyceridemia.

Adult dogs can have around 14 grams of fat for every 3 pounds of their body weight per day. One tablespoon of mayo is 10 grams of fat. So depending on the size of your dog that can pretty much fulfill their daily requirements of fat.

can dogs eat mayo?

What’s Actually in Mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise is one the most popular condiments in America, so it’s only natural you will wonder can your dog have it too? Always when thinking about giving your dog something new, you should think what’s actually in it?

Mayonnaise is a heavily beaten product that is mixed with egg yolks, emulsion oil, and lemon juice or just vinegar.

The main component is oil, which makes it a massively fatty thing to eat for humans, mind dogs. Mayo’s fat content is roughly around 75%, with 65% of that being saturated fats, which is the bad fats. I can guarantee you; no veterinarian will advise or suggest you feed your dog such a high-fat content.

What you should also consider is that a lot of mayonnaise products contain soybeans, which a lot of animals can be allergic to or even sensitive too. If your dog has a soybean allergy, then you should never give your dog any mayonnaise. Always consult your local veterinarian if you’re worried or have any questions.

If you decide you want to make your own mayonnaise, so you can leave some of the less unhealthy parts out. You are going to find it quite hard as mayonnaise is a rather fatty product.

One thing you need to be careful of though is that you cook it thoroughly, as raw eggs can cause Salmonella.

Just like humans, dogs are at risk of contracting Salmonella, and handlers who feed raw eggs to their dogs are also at risk of catching this disease.

Read the original article at – American Kennel Club

What Is Exactly In Mayo Though?

If you see the table below table from the USDA FoodData Central Database, it shows what you will find in Mayonnaise.  As you can see there is not anything good in mayonnaise. It is full of salt, fatty acids, and cholesterol, nothing your dog needs to should be eating.

100g Serving of Mayonnaise

Total Lipid Fat77.9g
Sugars, total including NLEA0g
Sodium, Na611mg
Fatty acids, total saturated11.1g
Fatty acids, total trans0g

As you can see 77.9g out of the 100g is fat, your dog does not need that type of food in their life. There is so many different foods out there that are healthier and taste better.

Mayonnaise Products to Avoid!

There are also different types of mayo on the market. From just plain mayo, mayo light, mayo extra light, mayo lighter than light. You may wonder what’s the difference? Well its calories mainly, these products are made for humans and humans only! Any products that say light/lite are to be avoided when it comes to dogs.

These types of products will have artificial sugar in them, (sweeteners, also known as xylitol). This is deadly to dogs and is in the top 3 things to cause dogs severe harm, if not worse, death.

can dogs eat mayonnaise?

Things to Watch Out For

If your dog has been eating mayo on a regular basis and you have only just come across this article then we have written a few things to keep an eye on. These things are to be considered if your dog is overweight mainly.

  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • nausea

Can puppies eat mayo? 

Just as with adult dogs, mayo is not toxic to puppies. Although puppies do have more of a sensitive digestive system. You don’t want to cause your dog to have diarrhea and/or vomiting.

This could lead to further problems down the line when they get a bit older. You should always feed your dog small quantities when feeding them something new for the first time, especially when they’re puppies.

The best is not giving your puppy mayo at all, as it is unhealthy. You are best sticking to giving your puppy the recommended food for puppies by your veterinarian. As it’s a vital part of a dog’s life, making sure they get the right amount of protein and healthy foods.

Can Dogs Eat Mayo and Mustard?

No, your dog can not have mayo and mustard. There are several brands out there that have made something called mayonnaise mustard, you should never give this to your dog.

Mustard is toxic to dogs; mustard has been known to induce vomiting in dogs. Even if the product just says hints of mustard, you should still not give your dog it.

can dogs eat ketchup, mayo and mustard

Can Dogs Eat Garlic Mayo?

No, they can not! Garlic is highly toxic to dogs, even in the smallest amounts. This goes for any mayonnaise that adds garlic to their recipe. We may enjoy garlic mayo but this is something you should keep an eye on, especially if you leave food around.

Help! My dog ate mayonnaise! 

As mentioned above, mayonnaise is not toxic to dogs, so there is nothing to be worried about. Just for future reference make sure to keep it out of reach of your dog as it’s not healthy for a dog to eat mayo. There are a lot of healthier and tastier foods for dogs.

Check out the below video showing how mayonnaise is made, this may help you with what we have spoken about.


Overall mayo is not toxic to dogs, just really unhealthy and not something that your dog needs. If your dog ate your sandwich while you were in the kitchen then they will be fine. As long as there was nothing harmful on the sandwich to start with e.g. onions.

You just need to make sure that it is not something you give your dog on a regular basis, that’s if you must have to give it them. As long as you follow the details above, your dog will be fine.

People ask about Ketchup as well and that is in the same situation, its not toxic as long as its plain ketchup. But it is not healthy for a dog either. Ketchup has a very high level of salt and sugar.

At the end of the day, there are a lot healthier foods, that will taste a lot better that your dog will enjoy. There are so many choices out there and trust me, your dog will love you for it even more.


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