Can Dogs Eat Ice?

Can Dogs Eat Ice?

Dogs are some of the most interesting animals in the entire world. They are lovely, energetic, happy and so much more than that. There are a lot of adjectives that can be used to describe dogs, but one thing is certain.

They are one of a kind. Dogs tend to have their own behaviors and habits that might seem very strange to people. This is because we don’t do things that they seem to think are completely normal.

Dog owners know for fact that their favorite pets can be found with all sorts of items. Whether it’s dirty clothes or grass, nothing can stop their dog’s curiosity.

The main focus on this article is about ice and more importantly the answer to the question can dogs eat ice? As well as some other questions that can concern the dogs’ health with ice. Besides the answer, you can also find a lot of relevant information on this subject below.

Can Dogs Eat Ice?

Yes, and most of them seem to enjoy it a lot. There is something about ice that makes dogs love it. It’s not even about their body temperature. Unlike people, dogs don’t sweat like you would expect, their body is built entirely different. They might feel a certain warmth or hotness and that could eventually make them try some ice. You can call it a “pupsicle”.

Regardless, if they sweat or not, it’s a known fact that dogs love to chew on a piece of ice. It is a cold treat that can bring them more cold vibes. If you think about it, dogs eat ice because it will still enter their body as water drops and they will satisfy their thirst.

Another reason as to why dogs like to eat ice is because it can help them with their teeth. Dogs that have growing teeth or any issues with them tend to eat ice so that they could relieve the pain. It’s something that people try when they have issues with their mouths as well.

They can easily slide the ice cubes on the floor and have fun with them as well. Many dog owners have confirmed that their dogs seem a lot happier and less anxious after they’ve had ice in their mouth while having issues with their teeth.

ice cube tray for dogsAre There Any Side Effects?

Unfortunately, just as it can bring a lot of joy and relief to the dogs, ice can also bring some trouble. Many vets and specialists who have focused on this task have confirmed that ice can also wear down the dog’s tooth enamel.

You can imagine how many problems that could cause to the canine. In most cases that could happen if the dog is chewing on ice that is very hard and in rough shape or form.

Luckily, there were no cases of a dog choking on it, so that option can definitely be excluded. Although, it is still possible for a large piece of ice to lodge in the dog’s airway before it fully melts down. So make sure you keep a close eye for something so unfortunate.

The most common problem that specialists have found out about ice and dogs is that animals tend to lose teeth. The main reason for that is the above-mentioned issue with the tooth enamel which can be worn down by the ice.

Another reason is that the dog ends up cracking their tooth on the solid bit ice. A good alternative is to give your dog shaved ice pieces.

It’s always important to pay attention to your dog since it could be fatal to their health. Any dog owner that has intentions of giving ice to their dog should first consult with their vet or any other specialist nearby.

Bloat in Dogs

Another very weird thing about ice is that sometimes it could make the dog bloat. That could occur not when the dog has eaten ice but drank too much water instead. Bloat is a very serious issue and shouldn’t be left out. What makes bloat dangerous is the fact that it’s twisting the stomach and it could occur with trapped gas.

A huge portion of ice could cause similar feelings in your dog since it’s still water that enters the body. Bloat is usually seen to happen to large-breed dogs. Some of the factors that can quickly increase the risk of bloat are rapid eating, elevated feeders, restricting water before and after meal among many others.

Can You Use Ice As a Treat To Your Dog?

Once confirmed with a specialist that is familiar with your dog’s health and body system it is okay to use ice as a treat for your dog. That doesn’t mean, of course, using it every day.

Besides issues with the teeth, that could lead to a tinging and cold feeling in the mouth. Which could affect the dogs’ throat as well. Just like people, dogs tend to have sore throats and eating too much ice could cause something similar. This is especially if the ice was just taken out of the freezer.

Speaking of treats, it is important to pay attention to the dog’s mood as well. If your dog is trying to show you that its body temperature is too high and wants to refresh, then an ice cube can do the job and help a lot.

Under no circumstance, is it a good idea to give a puppy or a dog of super young age ice. Dogs tend to have a complex body system and metabolism. For this reason it is good to keep anything harsh like that away from them at a young age.

Besides at a young age, it is also forbidden to give anything cold. Especially ice, to a dog that has some sort of sickness such as diarrhea or vomiting. In no way will the ice help, and it will most likely cause the dog even more issues so that’s a big no.

The same thing can be said about dogs that feel dehydrated. Better give the dog warm water than a huge amount of ice, just because it’s extremely hot outside.

can dogs eat ice

Other Methods of Cooling Your Dog Down?

Usually, if you want to cool down your dog, the best way to start is by wetting them down with room temperature water. This will help them get adjusted to the change. You should put the cooled water on there paws, this will help them cool down better. Afterward, you can give it an ice cube as a treat.

Even for those dogs that do not appear to be cooling down, it is never a good idea to douse them in an ice bath. Too much too soon can cause a potentially dangerous cascading chain of events. It is better to use cool water-soaked cloths or towels, along with fans or air conditioning.

Read the original article – American Kennel Club

Are There Any Specific Breeds That Enjoy It More?

While it’s not entirely confirmed or backed up by a study, it’s believed that the larger dog breeds tend to eat more ice. Unlike the small(er) dog breeds, they prefer to chew it a lot more in general. They will use it as a way to play with their teeth by rolling it on the floor, chasing and/or swallowing it.

Perhaps one of the reasons there is such a belief is because most of the large dog breeds are a lot more energetic and tend to do crazy things. While the small dog breeds remain calm and lovable. In most cases, it also depends on the dog’s age, whether they like to eat ice or not. Usually, this scene has been witnessed in dogs that are at an early age.

can dogs eat ice

Extra Research On The Topic

Strange enough, there are some animal shelters that offer the dog owners to add ice cube to their pet’s water. One of them is the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). The reason behind their recommendation is to “use the cubes that will help lower the water temperature”.

Besides that, there is also research that was carried out by the Pets at Home and Pet Plan insurance. They discovered that some of the most common complaints that dogs can suffer from are overheating, dehydration and sunburn. These are just some of the many unfortunate issues that could happen to the pets.

The Bottom Line

It still remains a question to a lot of people who don’t understand the need for giving ice to their dogs. In all honesty, it’s okay, as long as it’s not exaggerated. Giving ice to a dog has its bad sides but if your dog is perfectly fine and has no issues whatsoever. Then you’re free to give them a small treat to cool them down.

Luckily, eating ice is not the cause of any of them and they have something do with the atmosphere or food. In fact, ice could easily help the animals that have issues with dehydration or those that can’t deal with the hot weather.

As mentioned above, their is a downside to feeding ice cubes to your dog. One of the better options we have mentioned is to give your dog shaved ice pieces. This should help the situation with their teeth a bit.

Unfortunately, sometimes the climate could be too hot and animals with fur such as dogs can’t deal with it. When it comes to pets, it’s good to take care of them and make sure their temperature is normal.

There are plenty of things that dogs can eat and suffer from, but one thing is sure, ice tends to make the dogs happy. As long as they are healthy, this can be a good way to cool them down. Not only that but you can give them something that they could have fun with and who doesn’t love to see a dog happy in its own world.

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