Can Dogs Eat Beets?

can dogs eat beets

Have you ever been making a salad or making something for dinner and your dog is there right next to you. Waiting on something to drop and you think can dogs eat beets? Well, yes, they can, there is nothing toxic inside a beet. Beats or also known as beetroot are healthy for a dog for numerous reasons, we have answers to all your curious questions below.

Can Dogs Eat Beets?

Yes, they can! Just as with any human food dogs can eat, it should be eaten in moderation and given to your dog in the safest way.  Beets are a healthy source for a dog, they have manganese, fiber, minerals, folate, potassium, along with vitamins such as vitamin C in them.

Beets are safe for your dog to eat in moderation and are a healthy source of vitamin C, fiber, folate, manganese, and potassium. These vitamins and minerals are good for your dog’s digestion and immune system as well as a healthy skin and coat.

While it’s rare, some dogs can be allergic. Monitor your dog if you decide to feed your dog beets.

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Along with helping improve your dog’s coat and skin, they are a great antioxidant and are low in calories, with 88% water.

The ASPCA has stated themselves that beets are not toxic to dogs. It is worth checking out their indexed directory of what is toxic and what is not, for dogs.

can dogs eat beets

How to Feed Your Dog Beets?

First of all, you will need to make sure you wash the beet properly, this is always recommended for all fruit and vegetables. Even when you are cooking them for yourself.

You can feed your dog raw or cooked beetroot, although it is recommended that you feed your dog cooked beet though. This is because they will get the most out of it this way.

You should peel the beets and then cut them up into small portions. By doing this you are preventing them from choking on it. Especially if your dog is the type to inhale their food. This goes for all breed sizes, not just small dogs. Another option is you can give them shredded beet, they both do the same job.

The best cooking option is either steamed or boiled, as this will deliver the most benefits. Although this is how I would usually cook them myself anyway.

It must be mentioned that dogs should only be given beets on a treat basis. They are not a supplement for their current dietary food they eat. Dog food is designed to give a dog everything they need, everything else is a treat.

can dogs eat beets

Health Benefits of Beets

As we have mentioned above, there are some health benefits when feeding your dog beets. So does this mean you should be giving beets on a regular basis to help them get the vitamins and potassium?

The answer is no, your dog does not really gain anything if you decided to give your dog beats to make them healthier. A dog’s digestive system is a lot different compared to ours. Whereas we would benefit from eating beats on a regular basis, they will not.

They are a great snack or treat, that you can give them on a treat basis and not all the time. It is not something you should be going out of your way, to make sure they have had their beets.

Your best approach with your dog is to make sure you are feeding them the correct dog food for their breed and size. While making sure you are giving them the high-quality dog food that they deserve.

By feeding them the correct dog food you are giving them everything they need. Dog food is designed to keep a dog healthy and fit. Anything given on top of that is a treat.

Please see the below table from the USDA FoodData Central Database.

100g Serving of Beets

Carbohydrate, by difference10g
Fiber, total dietary3g
Sugars, total including NLEA2g
Calcium, Ca40mg
Iron, Fe1.44mg
Potassium, K350mg
Sodium, Na50mg
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid10.8g

What to Keep an Eye On

There is a downside to your dog eating too many beets, beets are high in oxalates. This can cause problems for dogs that are known to have bladder or kidney stones.

You may also be surprised to learn that beetroot has an acidic side to them as well. If you feed your dog to many beets, they may suffer from an upset stomach.

Now with anything new you feed your dog, you should only feed them a very small portion to see how they react. Even though it may not be toxic, your dog could still be allergic to it.

Keeping a close eye on your dog during this is important. If your dog is not acting any differently and acting his usual self, then they should be fine to eat it.

Chances are low for your dog to have an allergic reaction to beets. If they do it can be because beets sometimes have the opposite effect of being a skin remedy. In cases like this you should stop feeding them straight away. If you are worried, then contact your local veterinarian straight away.


Can Dogs Eat Canned Beets?

It is not recommended that you feed your dog any canned beets. You are best of just feeding your dog beets that have come straight out the ground.

Canned beets have a high level of sodium in them. You do not want to be adding any unnecessary sodium to your dog’s diet. Your dog’s sodium level is something you should take seriously. Too much sodium can cause your dog some serious health issues and if ignored they could suffer from sodium poisoning. Which is as serious as it sounds.

Canned beets contain other added ingredients that your dog just does not need. Some of them will not even be listed on the label, which is always a worrying sign. Some of the things that will be inside the can though are preservatives and additives. These are not good for dogs, they will cause damage to your dog’s health.

Canned products are not designed for dogs, neither are the labels. So when they say something like “seasoned with herbs” you do not know which herbs are actually in it. Which could be deadly to a dog’s health.

It is always best to avoid anything mass-produced, canned, or processed. As you truly never know what has been put inside it.

This includes any beet canned products that have added products like, beets and pickles or beets and onions. You should only ever be feeding your dog plain beets, no excuses.

can dogs eat beetroot

Can Dogs Eat Beet Greens or Stems?

Yes, dogs can eat beet greens, although it is not a good idea. They may not be toxic, but they can cause complications in your dog’s life later on.

Now they may contain vitamins and minerals, but they also contain calcium oxalate. Which can over time cause kidney and bladder stones.

Now the stones are not fatal to your dog’s health. But they can be very painful and will require them to have surgery to remove them. Any type of surgery is a risk for a dog.

Small amounts of beet greens should not cause your dog any harm. If they have eaten them on a regular basis then that is where the trouble comes from.

You also need to take into consideration that beet greens are not the only one that contains calcium oxalate. Parsley, leeks, collard greens, and kale also contain calcium oxalate. For this reason, they should all be avoided.


Now we have mentioned everything you will need to know about beetroot, yes, dogs can eat beets. They are not toxic and are healthy for dogs to eat, as long as there not canned beets. Please make sure you only feed your dog small portions of beets and only on a treat basis.

There are many different types of fruit and veg you can feed your dog. When giving your dog a treat it is always best to give them something that is healthy for them. To keep your dog healthy, you should not be feeding them any junk or processed food.

Check out the below video showing what fruit and vegetable dogs can have as a treat. You should not be replacing your dog’s food with any human food though. The only reason you would do this is if your dog’s veterinarian has recommended it.

You should not be replacing your dog’s food with any human food. You should only be doing this if your dog’s veterinarian has recommended it.

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