Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips?

can dogs eat banana chips?

There are a lot of fruits out there that can be beneficial to your dog’s health. For example, boosting their immune system and replenishing their electrolytes. This is great, for helping them with their coat and keeping their skin healthy. Can dogs eat banana chips though?

You will be glad to know that dogs can eat fresh bananas, in small portion quantities but what about chips? We have gathered all the information you will need below.

Bananas just like for humans have a lot of potassium in them which is great for dogs. They also have Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Do not get us wrong, these are good fatty acids that are important to their health. They can be helpful with dogs with heart illnesses and canine allergies, not to forget their silky coat.

Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips?

Can dogs still eat this wonderful treat if it is turned into chips though? Yes, they can, but they really should not be eating them. There are a lot of healthier foods out there, that your dog will enjoy so much more.

So, can dogs eat banana chips really then? If you do insist on feeding your dog banana chips once reading this. Then you should not be feeding a dog that is medium to large more than 6-10 chips. For Small dogs, you are best of airing on the side of caution and only just a couple, say 2-3 chips max.

These quantities are not for everyday treats. You should only be feeding your dog these every now and then, rare treats. As they are very high in sugar.

banana chips

Are Banana Chips Unhealthy?

What makes the bananas chips so unhealthy is that they are deep-fried in either honey or sugar. Which in large quantities can cause serious health problems in the long run. These products are not toxic to dogs, the problem is that such high amounts of sugar. Empty calories and fats can have a serious negative effect on your dog.

This can cause obesity in your dog which will, in turn, cause further issues like diabetes. If your dog cannot run around and chase his ball because he is obese this will make him lethargic. You will just start to see them sit around all day not moving much, which can lead to depression in your dog. No one wants this for their little best friend.

When it comes to just feeding your dog a banana you will have seen that bananas by themselves are very high in sugar as it is. Bananas contain 3 different types of natural sugars, which are glucose, sucrose, and fructose. This is why you should only give your dog a little treat every now and then, and in small portions. By covering it in something like honey or sugar, you are just making the situation a lot worse.

What is in Banana Chips?

Now as mentioned above, sugar is only just one of the problems. When it comes to just the banana, we would say two medium-sized bananas will only have one gram of fat in them. Now if you compare this to just a really small portion of bananas chips. They will have a massive amount of 14 grams of fat in them.

This will not help your dog’s health at all, especially if they already have obesity or health problems. Please also make sure if you do buy bananas chips that they have no artificial sweeteners (Xylitol) in them, as this is deadly to a dog’s health.

Another thing we would like to add is if your dog has gastrointestinal issues then banana chips could upset your dog’s stomach as there is a lot of fiber in them.

100G Serving of Banana Chips

Which 23.33g are saturated fats
Nutrients1.2mg of Iron

As you can see from the table above, which is direct information from the USA Department of Agriculture, part of their FoodData Database. Banana chips do not have anything of value to a dog’s health, the nutrients aren’t even 1g its 1.2mg.

The amount of fat, sugar, and empty calories that banana chips offer just massively out way anything good that could come from them.

Check out the below video where Gone With The Snow Dogs create Apple Chips for Dogs. They are much healthier and easy to make.

Summary – Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips?

So let me start by saying bananas chips are not toxic to dogs. If your dog does sneak a couple then they will be fine. As long as they have no underlying medical issues.

If you still must feed your dog banana chips, there are different options out there. For example, baked is an option as well as dehydrated banana chips. These offer a lower saturated fat count, as they do not have as much oil in them as deep-fried banana chips.

Also as mentioned above, please make sure any products you buy don’t have artificial sweeteners in them (Xylitol), as this is deadly to dogs.

Overall, we would not recommend you feed your dog any type of banana chip. There are a lot of better fruit options out there, which are healthier, and your dog will enjoy a lot more.

If you would like more information about can dogs eat bananas, please follow the link. Eating a plain banana is much better than eating any banana substitute like banana chips and banana bread.

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